$5.00 Secret to Keeping Bed Pillows Looking Like New

If you are like me, trying to keep bed pillows looking good can be difficult.  But do not worry, there is a simple and inexpensive solution that can fix this!  Read on to see how I keep my bed pillows looking like new with little to no effort and minimal investment.

The 5 dollar trick to having bed pillows that look like new!

I promise, this solution is almost laughable it is so easy.  When we remodeled our master bedroom last year, I knew this had to become a regular practice.

But, let me back up…..

Why keeping my bed pillows nice is just plain hard!

I love this bed and those bed pillows dressed in white linen bedding!

I like to describe my husband is a very high maintenance sleeper.  When I say that, I mean it.  I have never met anyone that loves pillows and blankets more!  I am not exaggerating.  As I sit in my bedroom, I can barely count on my hands how many pillows he has that he sleeps with.  I am not lying.  He is crazy for his pillows.

Simple farmhouse style master bedroom with white linen bedding! Come see how easy it is to keep your bed pillows looking like new!

But they do not get to stay on my bed.  Let me explain.  

A great solution to your old bed pillows!

He likes to twist and smash all the pillows.  These in this picture are the best looking ones we have right now.  I cant believe how quickly they can go from good to bad. 

After a few years of being married, I found it impossible to make my bed, and have it look nice.  Mainly because the pillows were deformed and disfigured.  I soon realized that it was a big pet peeve of mine.  

When you try to create a beautiful space, and it has ugly and deformed pillows, it just takes my steam away.  

Or it makes me steam with irritation…I am not sure which:)

I would make my bed, taking care to create something pretty, and then BAM….the pillows were odd sized, had lumps in them, and looked like they had been through the ringer.  

I had to do something about it.

Keep your bed pillows looking like new with this one simple step!

So, about 8 years ago I made a rule and it changed how my bed pillows would look forever.

This process is simple and inexpensive.  Since this idea isn’t life changing, I hardly thought it worth mentioning, but a few friends asked me how I kept my bed pillows looking so nice….and let me tell you my secret.

I went to Walmart, and found their cheapest bed pillows.  

You can usually get a set of 2 for less than 10 dollars which is about $3-5 dollars per pillow.

I then use these pillows on my bed during the day. When we make the bed in the morning, our sleeping pillows are stored in a bench.  You can store them under the bed, in a closet, or under the nice pillows(on the bed).  We then make the bed with our inexpensive (but unmolested) bed pillows.

Cozy master bedroom with white linen bedding from IKEA and a simple solution to keeping bed pillows looking like new!

Every night, we take the nice 5 dollar bed pillows off the bed, and set them aside.  We then grab our own sleeping pillows and use those at night.  

What this does, is allows us to sleep with pillows we love, while still maintaining like-new bed pillows during the day.  We actually do this in our kids bedrooms as well.  It really makes such a big difference!

What this does for our bed pillows:

One simple step can guarantee perfect pillows forever!

What this does…well, it allows us to use our more therapeutic pillows since we both have neck problems, but we do not have to use those odd size and odd shaped pillows on our bed when I want it to look put together.  

How to keep your bed pillows looking like new with this simple step!

Bottom line….it allows us the best of both worlds.  Beautiful pillows, and the ability to use our pillows they way we want to.  

Now, I will say that I catch my husband trying to use these “off limits” pillows Its just a simple fact that he will try to steal any extra pillows in our house.  He’s a naughty boy.  

But, after 8 years of practicing this simple adjustment, it has changed the way our bedroom looks and feels.  It is a simple change, and cost hardly any money to invest in this, and its a great way to keep your bed pillows looking beautiful and give you the freedom to sleep how you want!

Farmhouse style white linen bedding from IKEA and the best way to keep your bed pillows looking like new!

Some may say this doesn’t seem necessary…well, I say, save that 10 dollars that you could have spent at Starbucks or at the convenience store and try it out!  

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  1. Too funny that you have to hide the pillows from your husband. But I will say that the used pillows start to look horrible after a while, so you are on point about that. Maybe I should try your technique.

    1. I have been doing the same thing for years. My husband insists on sleeping with a chicken feather pillow which has no shape what so ever!! Looks terrible when trying to make your bed look nice. Bought cheap pillows and put bed shams on them. By day they make our bed beautiful and at night they are stored by our night stands while we sleep on our pillows of choice.

  2. Funny, cause I thought I was the only one that does this. I’ve been doing this for years. My husband is also notorious for going through pillows. He wears them out fast!

    1. I do the same thing!!! I started buying walmart throw pillows that are beige in a two pack for the inserts of my throw pillow covers and they are fantastic, pillows i buy at home goods always seem so squishy and limp over LOL I like them firm and those pillows at walmart are the velvet like ones in a two pack for 14.99 thank you again walmart and thatnk you

  3. Oh my! I love those tie end pillow cases with the striped cases inside! Would you mind sharing where you linens are from?

  4. Awesome Idea, You have to use a pillow cover that will save your pillow from the dust and dirt. To ride a smell from your pillow you need to clean your pillow cover or change it on regular basis.

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