Thrift Store Book Page Napkin Rings

Hi everyone!  I am back once again this week with a fun blog hop.  Today is my thrift store blog hop and today I am making thrift store book page napkin rings.

It’s time for another Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge!! I’ve paired up with an amazing group of talented ladies to bring you a monthly thrift store challenge. Each month we will create a new home decor piece from an item(s) we’ve found at a thrift store, yard sale, resale shop etc. There is no budget or specific theme so we are free to let our creativity run wild!

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So are you ready for book page napkin rings?

Say wha?  Well, if you checked out my outdoor fall tablescape I posted earlier this week, so may have noticed that these on my table.

I was looking for a fun way to accessorize my napkins and I have a little secret.  I do not own any napkin rings.  Gasp!  I know, what kind of hostess am I?  I’ the kind that had 4 kids that would turn them into some type of weapon.  That’s that kind I am.

A few months ago, I bought a bunch of old books from our local thrift store and I have been making good use of them thus far.  I’ve made some fun crafts with them you can see here, here, and here.

This simple book page napkin ring was really so, so easy.

Book Page Napkin Rings…

Here is what I used for this project:

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Old Book

X-acto Knife

Hot Glue Gun

I cut the pages out of the book with an X-acto knife.  This tool is something that everyone should have in their arsenal.  It makes projects so much easier.


So, once the pages were cut out, I folded the page in thirds lengthwise.




I then took the hot glue gun and glued the edges together, overlapping them and making the size I want them to be.


It takes a few seconds for the glue to set and then it is all ready.

I then slid them onto my napkins and  set them up on my table.


The great things about this type of napkin ring:

  • Cost almost nothing to make
  • They can be easily torn off during use
  • You can easily make these whenever you want more
  • They add wonderful character to any table

So, what do you think of these book page napkin rings?  You could even personalize these by adding someones name or initials to the book page.


book-page-napkin rings


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