Tiling, Plumbing, and a Little Fighting | One Room Challenge Week 4

This was an absolutely interesting week. If this is your first time joining me, let me update you a bit on what is going on.  I have currently taken on one of our largest projects to date.

Remodel the master bathroom.


I am joining up with many other incredibly talented bloggers and interior designers for the One Room Challenge by Calling It Home.  It is a 6 week long challenge.  6 weeks to get a whole master bathroom done.  In the fall.  During the holidays.  Its crazy!  Boy do I love it.

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So now, I am here, at week 4.  And guess what?  The tiling is done!!!! Well, almost….we are missing about 5 tiles in the shower.  How is that for getting almost the exact amount I needed, but just not quite enough.

This week we tackled the shower tiles.  And when I say tackle, I mean walk around sometimes with blinders on, stepping in thin set, cuss under my breath at my husband when he used too much thin set, and he cussed at me when I was very careful with my application.

I decided I wanted to use a larger subway tile, which means that they each have to be installed individually




I’ll throw it out there.  We do just about everything different.  While I like to try to keep things clean as we go, he likes to roll around in the mess, dropping, spreading, and just all around mucking it all up.

But I wont say anything.  Because he helps me!  So I wont complain!  Except when I do.

This week was also the beginning of the annual deer hunt for our area.  After 16 years of telling my husband No I will not hunt, this year I decided to try it.  Which meant tiling by morning, hunting by day, and sometime in the middle of all this, try to take care of 4 kids, a house and continue to create killer, fantastic, slightly humorous content for you wonderful readers.  Now you can see why maybe my content isn’t so killer right now.☺  I so appreciate you hanging in there.

Now, as I was perching my hands and knees chipping away dried thin set so I could finish off the tile in the corners of my room, I started to get mad, irritated even at everything!  We even had an argument over whether the hand drawn mirrors on the wall were in the right spots……..they weren’t.

Do you know how hard it is to figure out where the vanity lights go, in relation to the mirrors, in relation to the faucets, in relation to the sink, and in relation to the vanity?

Well, I’d say that this is just not something my brain likes to think about.  I’d rather think of how pretty the lights will look with the mirrors.

I’d rather fawn over my sparkly faucets and imagine what it will all look like together.  I can’t be bothered with the details.


Isn’t it sparkly… and shiny?  The only different is that mine will have chrome handles instead of white ones.  Did I mention its a wall mount?  Its all the things I dream of.

Here’s my hubby cussing me as he prepares the wall for my pretty, shiny faucets.


So we’ve been tiling….and we have been plumbing.  And we have been fighting.  My house is a mess, and so is my yard!  We are creating quite the collection of random crap out on my lawn.  I like to stick it to the neighbors.

Did I mention I have amassed quite a collection of sinks?  Which are quickly filling up my bedroom?  Since we were sent the wrong sinks a few weeks ago, American Standard quickly sent us the correct ones, which means I have sinks….laying around….in my bedroom.  I cant even tell you how ridiculous my life is right now.  My daughter thinks they are baby tubs.

And, while I think this week was another very trying week, we got a lot done.  Even if it doesn’t really look like it.

Here’s what I still have left to do…..


  1. Awwwww, I remember all of this (including figuring out the darn light vs. vanity vs. mirrors vs. sinks placement) from our bathroom reno last round Sara! Taking on a bathroom with that tight deadline is not for the faint of heart. Everything chugs along SO slowly through the first 4 weeks, BUT then the tiling is done, everything behind the tiling is done and the rest, it just slides into place. You’ve got this girl!

  2. I’m so glad I found your page, I felt like I was reading about my same experience! 🙂 We’re redoing our master bath as well and have the same dilemma with the lights/mirrors/faucets/sinks. But the end is in sight! You can do it! And the pile of random extra crap will eventually dissipate. Eventually…

  3. I always love your blog. The main reason I love it is for your honesty. We cussed we fight yes my husband plays poker. I just love it! It’s nicety read about real people! I love how you keep it real! Most of all I love your home and all post! Thanks for sharing. I love the subway tile!

  4. Making a list and holding yourself accountable to what needs to be done next is key when you have a big renovation like you do. The fixtures you mentioned above are all great for that look you are going for.

  5. Hey Sara, well done on your project.

    I can tell you that if you are not a professional tiler or plumber … this trades are such a pain some times. It’s not easy unless you know what you are doing and have vision. I’m saying vision to relate to what you were saying about how much you’ve struggled to figure out where the lights go in relation to the other accessories … it’s so stressful … But it looks like you guys nailed it:)

    Well done and thanks for sharing!

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