Transition Your Mantle From Christmas To Winter Easily

Transition Your Mantlerom Christmas to Winter Easily

Today was the worst!  As I sat in my family room, I knew it was time to do the dreaded task of cleaning up Christmas.  I started by taking all my lights down that I had in the house.  I kind of regret not leaving a few strands up, but  I was so consumed at the time, I didn’t think about it.   As I tore apart my home, I really wanted to still maintain a winter vibe without going overboard.

I was really sad to see my Christmas mantle disappear.

Farmhouse Christmas Mantle

My farmhouse woodland themed Christmas mantle was one of my favorite parts of my Christmas decor.   My DIY Christmas tree sign was especially memorable.

Today as I took that decor down, I decided I wanted to create a simple winter themed mantle to transition for the next few months.  Who am I kidding, probably for the next week.  I love changing things around.

The first thing I did was add one of my many chalkboards as a focal point.  I wrote a quick little quote on it inspired by new years.  I really wanted to keep my tree trimmings that I have been using so I added a few of those to my mantle.

winter mantle

I also added my bronze deer that I acquired last year at a thrift store.

I didn’t want to overload and do too much.  I am really digging the clean and less is more vibe.  I think that it is really easy to keep adding and accessorizing to any area.  The secret is knowing when to stop.

Transition your Mantle From Christmas to Winter EasilyI simplified the decor on my hearth and took all of the Christmas specific items off and added a basket and a few other odds and ends, including my crock that I store our newspaper for our fireplace.  Functional and stylish?  Simple guys, less is more!

I am looking forward to this new year with excitement and refocused energy!  I have some big things I am working on and I am excited to get going on them so I can share them with you.

Have a great day!



  1. Hi Sara,
    I hear ya! Same here, I loved the holiday deco, but it’s time for a clean start, hey? I’m with you on “less is more” and knowing when to stop adding stuff! I love to have it clear and you’re right it’s easier to exchange and add different elements! I really love your deer, how beautiful and the simple two simple vases with the tree trimmings, so rustic and wintery! I’m in love with chalkboards as well!
    Happy New Year to you!

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