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Welcome to the 2016 Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! Danielle from over at Creatively Homespun brought together 19 other bloggers and together they created something amazing. This blog hop is a roundup of some fantastic and inspiring Valentine’s Day creations. Everyone created something special to share with you, so be sure to browse thru all 20 links! You don’t want to miss a thing!

Hi all! I am excited today to be participating in a fun Valentines Day blog hop with a host of other amazing bloggers!  If you are looking for something special this valentines day, whether a fun new craft, a sweet treat or a romantic printable, this is the place to be!  Since I am passionately in love with my new Microsoft Surface laptop, I have decided to create a sweet and special printable for this hop.

Now, I have never really been a fan of Valentines Day.  I like to think that spending most days loving and appreciating those that are important to us is more important than spending one day highlighting it.  But, I cannot help but love the sweet crafts and tender words.  As I like to keep things simple in my home, my Valentines decorations are simple as well.  This printable is no exception.  It is something you could keep up all year long without someone getting the impression that you forgot to take your Valentines decorations down.

valentines printable

Love Conquers All Printable

Love Conquers All.  Tis true.  I am not really sure how we have done it, but my husband and I have managed to raise three boys that wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They don’t shy away from being kind and considerate to each other.  They truly love one another.  To say that they love their little sister is quite an understatement.  They show this in word and deed.  They treat her with the utmost respect and I am amazed everyday at their tenderness.  Maybe this is a view of whats to come in their own relationships.  I hope that they can carry that same behavior throughout all their relationships.  If nothing else, it will make them good human beings.  That is what I have wanted all along.  Not the perfect athlete, or jock son.  Not the most popular.  But, well rounded, good human beings with good character and patient hearts.

Valentines day is a family event in our home.  Instead of centering it around a date night couples night, we spend it with our kids.  We have a big fancy dinner, by candlelight.  We will have plenty of time for dates when they realize how uncool we are.  But, they have not realized that yet.  Creating these memories are important to my husband and I.

Free Valentines Printable



So, I guess you can say I am coming around to liking the holiday, enough to put decorations up!  I have realized that I need to take control of the decoration and make them my own!  No commercialization here!  I hope you enjoy this printable!  Set it on a desk, in a frame, on a clipboard,even pin it to your wall.  Love Conquers All.

Enjoy this Valentines Day printable!

valentines printable


Be sure to stop by all 20 links below! Show them some love this Sweetheart Season! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! xo!


  1. Love your printable and the message! So happy to share the hop with you! Cheers to a wonderful week!

  2. Such a pretty piece of artwork! Thanks for sharing – happy to be blog hopping with you today!

  3. I said the same thing about my project…that I can leave it up all year long! Super cute I love your printable and the font you used.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more about Valentine’s Day being a family holiday! I love the sign you created – it should stay up all year!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your printable Sara. I think it’s very special at you see Valentine’s day as a family holiday:). Take care, Tara

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