Valentines Chalkboard Art

valentines chalkboard art

As someone who has always claimed to not enjoy Valentines Day or the decor, I sure am enjoying the decor this year.  I think that is because I am taking it into my own hands and creating some simple decor items that fit within the style of my home and don’t look commercialized.  One really wonderful way I have found to decorate for valentines day has been with my chalkboards, of which I have a vast collection.   I have perused the columns of Pinterest and have seen some really amazing chalkboard art, but much of it was too busy for the simple farmhouse style I am aiming for.

Today I am bringing you the simple art that I created for my large wall chalkboard located in my dining room.  As you can see from the pictures, I have kept my grain sack table cloth that I made which you can see here.  That adds the only touch of red that I am allowing in for this holiday.:)  I will be doing a full dining room tour here in a few days to feature all the little valentine decorations I have implemented this year.

Valentines Chalkboard Art


I am kind of loving the twig idea for chalkboards.  Do you know what I am talking about?
Its the design I have used for the heart shape.  I love how it simply frames the one word.  Love.  Does it need anything more than that?  Not for me.

Valentines Chalkboard Art

I hope you try this design out on one of your chalkboards, and if you don’t have a chalkboard in you home, what.  I wouldn’t believe it.  I will gladly make you one or bring over one of my many.  Every home needs a chalkboard, this I am sure of!  They are such a great way to transition from each holiday without having to drag boxed of decorations out of the attic or garage.  I sometimes will change mine daily or weekly.  But, other times, I will leave it for months.  It depends on what mood I am in.  I think I will keep this around for a bit, at least until I create something new that I just have to implement.

Have a great day!


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