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merry mag holiday 2015 cover

*This is a sponsored post.  All my opinions are my own.*

I was given an incredible opportunity to collaborate on an amazing online magazine, Merry Mag.  This has truly been a labor of love.  I am excited to reveal this undertaking.  This was a large project and I have to give a huge thank you to Melissa at The Sweet Escape for working so hard to create this magazine!  So now, as Christmas approaches, I wanted to give you a tour of my family room.

This year I wanted an atmosphere reminiscent of driving down an old dirt road blanketed with snow, Christmas music on the radio, and a tree strapped to the top of the car.  Christmas is a time of giving and joy.   Christmas is a time to make memories and what a better place to create those memories than in an atmosphere like this.  I wanted to simplify my decor this year.  As I sat in my garage, going through all my decorations, I found so many distractions.  I chose to edit down.  A woodland farmhouse style Christmas was on the menu.

As a lover of everything farmhouse, the first element I wanted to introduce was simple: neutral colors, with white accents.  I decided to add just a pop of color here and there, but with a vintage flair.


woodland farmhouse christmas

Now, there is honestly now one element in this room that has not been reupholstered, repainted, or just simply created by me.  I am not saying this to brag.  This sadly is my process.  I know it is easier, much, much easier to go out and purchase all those items I want to create the farmhouse theme I desire.  One problem, however.  I am cheap.  One other slight problem, my mind is bursting at the seams with ideas.  You bet I put that to good use.  I have a vision of what I want.  This is where I am willing to work sleepless nights, following those inspirations wherever they take me.

For my Christmas woodland theme, natural elements were top on the list.

The first thing we did as a family was head out to the hills to fetch us a Christmas tree.  This is one of my favorite traditions we have as a family.  We spend the day driving around, hiking through the hills, listening to Christmas music, and sometimes, my husband pretends to be Bigfoot for the kids.  He is 6 foot 5, so he fits the part quite well.  Every year, we search as search for the right tree, and every year, they are each so different.  The aren’t perfect by any means, but they are perfect to us.

woodland farmhouse christmas

An old pair of skis compliment my antique crocks.  What could be more farmhouse than an old crock or two.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas Tou

For now, I have decided to dress it simply with some burlap ribbon I made.  I tied each piece together wit a rough not to add to the textures and detail.

My fireplace and mantle is has always been a struggle for me to style.  My mantle is not deep enough for much, and quite high.  I have seen signs around on Pinterest displaying Christmas trees for sale.  I knew just what I wanted to do.  I wanted a large focal point, something to catch your attention and create that woodland atmosphere.  I took an old metal sign that I had collected from the dump, washed it good and created the artwork on it.  The back of the sign was already white, so there was one step I was able to skip, no painting the sign white.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas Tour

I finished it off with some white trim and gave it a worn and distressed finish.  I think it turned out quite nice.  I added some handmade Christmas trees made from pine cones and moss.  Again, bringing those natural elements in.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas TourMy grandpa’s old milk bucket holds my baby Christmas tree splendidly.  My ladder advent calendar accents it nicely.  I created this advent calendar and you can see it here. 

Small burlap sacks full of treats and surprises for my little ones, what can be better?  Even my heifer Howard(yes its a boys name) got a little holiday love.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas Tour

This chalkboard was created from an old mirror I had stored away in my spare bedroom.  Did you know you can paint a mirror with chalkboard paint?  Well, you can!  I topped off my pallet side table  with some farmhouse goodies, including m DIY Book Christmas tree and my thrift store gold deer.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas TourHe thinks it is quite the place to hangout.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas Tour

My painted upholstery chair is a cozy spot to warm up by the fire.  All I did was add a plaid pillow too this area to give it a festive feel.  Remember, less is more.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas Tour

These paper mache reindeer were given a clean look by literally dunking them in a 5 gallon bucket of paint.  I let the extra paint drip off and then left them to dry.  I love my little deer.  They are styled with a vintage PEPSI crate.

Woodland Farmhouse Christmas Tour

Even your television can be disguised to create a stylish farmhouse Christmas look.   I pulled the whole look of the room together with a fabulous sisal rug from Rugs USA.  They have the most amazing rugs and even more amazing prices.   With a vast array of rugs, you are sure to find just the right one for your home.  IMG_8284

I cannot wait to spend days with my kids creating Christmas memories and my nights sitting by the fire enjoying the glow from the Christmas tree.  I say it all the time, but it is true.  Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling.  The memories we make create those feelings that is Christmas.  Creating an atmosphere for these memories is essential to me, and I hope it can be for you.



  1. Sara,

    Your house is so beautiful and you always take the most amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing with us!


  2. What an absolutely gorgeous home Sara! I remember being blown away by you on the instagram game you played along with and I’m glad to have found you. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats on the magazine feature!!! Your home is gorgeous and so cozy for Christmas. I love the patterns you have in your home.

  4. Oh Sara! I just love your style. Your Christmas decor is perfect, with just enough color. Your Christmas tree sign rocks! And I’m with you, I don’t wanna go out and buy new, our style is “rustic farmhouse.” I want the real thing, not a replica mass produced!

  5. I have been searching for a rug, and I just LOVE the one you have shown here! However, many reviews say it sheds quite a bit, and is a little scratchy. I want it for in my living room where my little boys and I play on the floor. Would you say it would be comfortable for sitting/playing on? Does it make a mess all over the hardwood?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Chiminh, Yes I would say the rug does shed quite a bit. It is not scratchy though. it is actually quite soft, but yes the shedding does bother me. As long as you vacuum regularly its no problem.

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