A Cozy and Simple Farmhouse Christmas Living Room


All through the fall, I debated.  I knew I wanted to create a different look for my Christmas decor.  Its like I have two selves.  The one that wants to simplify and create a classic look, and the one that wants to go gangbusters and decorate every square inch of my home in red and green.  I wanted to take a departure this year as well, and try to decorate for Christmas without using red!  I love it, and I will use it in other parts of my home that I decorate for Christmas, but I wanted to try something new in my living room.  A wanted to create a cozy and simple farmhouse Christmas living room.   I am excited to announce that I am joining up with some really talented bloggers and Mohawk Home to bring you my cozy and simple farmhouse Christmas room.


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*I was given this rug by Mohawk, with a chance to review.  I only give my honest opinion and only work with companies I truly believe in.*

There was one thing that became the inspiration for this room.  It was THIS rug.


The instant I saw it, I was hooked….and yet I was so scared!  It was a huge departure from colors and patterns that I usually use.  The blues and turquoise colors made me hesitant.   But I was so drawn to it!  I decided to take a leap and order it.  And then I changed my mind….and then I changed my mind again….see a pattern here?  I finally decided that I just needed to try it out. 

And you know what?  I love it.  The colors and pattern is more that I am used to, definitely, but oh its just so pretty!  I decided to use it as inspiration for the rest of the room. 

So, I want to talk about this rug, and how this room came to be a cozy and simple farmhouse Christmas living room.

Since my new rug had more pattern and color than I was used to, I decided that I would keep the other colors in the room muted, and let a few items take center stage.  One being the rug…..one being that lovely Christmas tree that we cut down ourselves…and my newest…and absolutely most favorite painting….My Very Own Reindeer.

I chose specific colors to use in the painting that would fit well in the room, and would allow it to also stand out on its own.

I knew exactly where I wanted to put this painting.  Smack dab in the middle of the mantel.  And I flanked it with some simple farmhouse pitchers with freshly cut Eucalyptus and olive branches from my sisters trees.  Score!

Now, you may notice that those are not stockings hung by the chimney with care.  Nope, I thought I could hold off for a bit. 


 I recently made some sleeping stocking caps for my kids, and YES they actually wear them to bed!  I initially thought they would just be a fun decor item, but the kids think they are so cozy!  So, I decided to hang our stocking caps on the mantel instead.  The kids got a kick out of it when they saw it.

I would say handmade holiday is a wonderful description of this space.  This giant wreath above my sofa was created with discarded pieces of pine from our Christmas tree, Eucalyptus, Olive branches, boxwood from my yard, and limbs from my trees. 

All I needed was a good set of gloves to protect yourself from the sticky blue spruce branches!

I am really thrilled with out it turned out. I added books to my DIY sawhorse sofa table.  I am kind of obsessed with books, and decided to add some to this space as well. 

Kind of a quasi Christmas tree shape, with my cute little driftwood deer hanging out.

Now, can we talk about this rug, and how wonderful it looks layered with my cow skin rug?  This room is all about layers, texture, and more texture.  I love the juxtaposition of the very delicate and beautiful rug along with my rustic wire spool coffee table.  I love combining something rustic with something feminine or modern.

And how about this rug with my wood stump side table?  I topped our table with a stack of children’s Christmas books and a soft blanket.  Once again, the rough with the delicate.

Now, Since I am revealing my Christmas tree next week, I wanted to just give a sneak peek as to what I am up to.  See all that jute webbing and popcorn?  Oh yes, that is happening.  

Lets talk about these bleached pine cones I got from the Knud Nielsen Company.  They are so pretty!

As you can see, I am obsessed with nature in my Christmas decor.  They give the space texture and added coziness.

When you take a fantastic rug, lots of evergreen, fur rugs, rustic wood, and white accents, you get my cozy and simple farmhouse Christmas living room decor

The final touch that I wanted to add to my cozy and simple farmhouse Christmas room was some mini Christmas trees.

Mini Christmas trees and vintage crocks are the perfect farmhouse Christmas living room decor.

When you take a fantastic rug, lots of evergreen, fur rugs, rustic wood, and white accents, you get my cozy and simple farmhouse Christmas living room decor

Aren’t they just precious?

I love using baby trees in my farmhouse Christmas decor.  

Now, its time for me to get working on some Christmas shopping…..because you know….I haven’t done any yet!

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Have a great day and a great holiday season.

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  1. Seriously so beautiful! I love everything and your thoughtful placement of decor. So warm and inviting. I would love to know where you got your leather couch. Ive been searching for one like it and love the color. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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