Art Inspired Farmhouse Spring Home Decor

Create a home inspired by art.  This spring, I wanted to bring art into my farmhouse spring home decor.  Welcome to my art inspired farmhouse spring home tour.

Farmhouse spring decor

Hello, remember me?  I am still here!  I have been a bit absent the last 2 weeks as I try to fix some issues right here on my website.  And, I am so very grateful to my readers for sticking with me.  Hopefully, everything will be worked out and I will be back up and running full bore within the next day or two.   With that, I have really been stressed and have stepped back, and spent a little extra time painting and creating new artwork.  And just in time for spring….

Lets see how I incorporate my artwork into my farmhouse spring home decor

Farmhouse spring home decor, make sure you check out this whole space!

Art has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I have always had a love and appreciation for it.  It was a huge part of my life when I was in college as an art major, and then I got married and had kids. 

I don’t know if you know anything about kids, but they kind of end up taking over your life….but in a very good way.  It does, however, sideline you sometimes from accomplishing those things that you use to be able to freely enjoy.

I spend the better part of the last 13 years raising my kids, and my art went by the wayside.  It has only been in the past year or so that I have been able to focus a little bit more on my painting, and get those creative juices flowing once again.

I tell you, it was hard at first.  Being out of practice, I found myself unsure of what and how I should create my artwork.  It was as if I had to develop and cultivate my own artistic style all over again.  Honestly, I don’t even think I had my own artistic style when I was in college, having a curriculum dictate what I created.  

So, as frightening as it was to start anew, it was so very exciting to feel free to create whatever I wanted.

Up until now, I have always been creative and that is what brought about this blog.  I focused my energy on my home, creating new and interesting spaces, and using those creative juices in that way.  I feel I am now at a point where I can create a space inspired by places around me, by whatever my mind dictates my hands to paint.

The last few months have been an amazing exercise in my abilities and there has been a lot of trial and error.  So many painting have been repainted or completely scratched.  I am my own worst critic.

I guess, I just want to lead you up to where I am today and why I chose to create art inspired farmhouse spring home decor in my home tour.  

I wanted some of my most recent artwork to be the focal points of my spaces.  I hope you see and feel what I was going for.

Oh, wow this space is amazing! I love those layered rugs! And that fiddle leaf fig goes perfect! And what about that custom artwork on the mantel!!

As spring begins to creep up, even with the occasional snow storm, I have found myself really craving some fresh, new looks in my home.

As I have been digging deep into some of my artwork, I have become immersed and slightly obsessed with using the color green.  

I have spent hours in exercises, creating deep, moody green tones, bright vibrant green hues, and other calming hues that spoke to me.  

It is unsure what it is about these colors that have spoken to me in this way, but I just knew I had to paint with them.  

My interest lie in the many colors you can see in a countryside, or the moody atmosphere you can create with the use of certain colors.  I hope you see what I see.

Farmhouse style spring decor with books, custom artwork and deer antlers

I decided to focus on my living room for this home tour.  I started by painting a piece that was inspired by the hay fields and hills near our home. 

Farmhouse style spring decor with books, custom artwork and deer antlers

During the spring and summer to see those fields come to life is one of my absolute favorite thing to see.  Have you ever sat out at twilight, with green fields surrounding you, and watching the large wheel line sprinklers spray in the air, creating halos, mixing their sprays with the twilight.  I have, as we are surrounded by this in our own backyard.  Let me tell you, it is entrancing.  It is the most calming thing to sit and witness.  

I knew this needed a home on my mantel.

Farmhouse spring decor on this stacked stone fireplace and mantel. Gorgeous custom artwork!

This painting was the jumping off point for more paintings I have created for this series.  All of which are featured here in my living room.  

Since I have always kept my home’s decor simple and neutral, adding these moody green colors have done something I cannot even explain to my home.  It was like it was the missing piece I did not know it needed. 

Last summer, we spend 2 weeks traveling around Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington DC.  One thing I absolutely fell in love with while traveling through some of these states, specifically Illinois and Ohio was the fields, as far as the eyes could see, and suddenly a white farmhouse or barn would pop up, littered with some trees.  The simplicity and raw beauty astounded me.  I decided to create 2 paintings(and there will definitely be more) that were inspired by those scenes I saw.
Oh my gosh, I love this space! That TV frame, the custom artwork, its all so good!

These two paintings I have become obsessed with.  Mostly because the are a big departure from some of my other artwork that is more raw and unruly.  These are more careful, and each stroke of my brush or pallet knife was thought out.  

(you can get your own print of these paintings here)

Farmhouse style landscape artwork! Love this whole home tour! Farmhouse spring home decor for the win!

Again those moody greens spoke to me, and I had to comply.  

The composition is simple.  The subject matter, an ordinary barn. But the combination of the simple with the complex colors is what makes these interesting to me.  I can’t speak to what they say to you, each one of us has our own aesthetic, this is mine.  

After creating these more structured paintings, my wild side was needing a turn.  I recently bought some faux  ranunculus flowers at IKEA. Ranunculus flowers have been my favorite flower for quite some time.  They have such a beautiful look to them, with their tightly held petals.  They are intoxicating to me. Sadly, I have had no luck at growing them, so I decided faux ones would have to do.

As I was looking for a little inspiration the other day, I kept looking at these flowers, and wondered how they would look painted.  And not just painted, but painted wildly, with abandon.  This is my favorite way to paint.  No plan, and I often find myself creating a more wild and expressive form of art.  I still wanted to incorporate some of my greens in this painting, since it seemed to become a theme with this series of paintings.  

Beautiful abstract flower painting with wonderful colors!

This painting is large, and it was so fun to paint!  With the use of one large pallet knife and a sense of rush in my movements, I created a very abstract painting.  There is movement and there is fun in this painting.  

Farmhouse style abstract flower painting by Sara Syrett @TwelveOnMain

I tend to keep my paintings simple, only using about 5 colors.  This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.  I look at it as a challenge to create something interesting with the least amount of noise.  I want to create calming pieces, that speak to me, and reflect my personal style.  

****Want a print of your own?  Click here to see whats in my art shop!***

This painting seems to scream spring to me with the bright flowers.  Obviously my cat does not seem to care.  I had kicked my cat and dog out of the room many times while trying to take photos, only to have them both congregate there again.  I finally gave up and ended up shooting photos with them in it…because….life.

OMG I am dying. That cat, that artwork! This home is so full of charm and farmhouse spring home decor!

And I had to feel a little bit bad for her…shes going to be a mommy in a few weeks and needs all the rest she can get.    Its great that she’s the purrfect (haha) colors to match my family room too!  Apparently she is called a tortoise shell:)

This boy on the other hand….he’s just spoiled…

Beautiful space and that dog! Love the landscape art and calm feel to the space.

Thus my art inspired farmhouse spring decor came about.  Spring decor does not have to be obvious.  You don’t need to have signs that say spring, or even have bunnies or eggs lying about.  However, I did have a lone bunny on my mantel, since I have to add a little whimsy.

Farmhouse spring home decor for the win! Love this wooden bunny and custom artwork!

Last week, I featured my spring inspired entryway, and had included this dog pillow.  Well, the other day as I was perusing the aisles of TJ Maxx I found a matching pair! 

Beautiful custom farmhouse style artwork by Sara @TwelveOnMain in this farmhouse spring home tour. The whole space exudes farmhouse spring home decor and we love it. #TwelveOnMain #farmhousestyle

And on clearance too!  I was able to snatch another and add it to my family room.   It looks great against my DIY TV frame with its rustic wood.

Love the combination of weathered wood and soft whites in this farmhouse spring home decor! You have to see the custom artwork!

I don’t know if its the colors, texture or whimsical subject of the pillow, but I am in love with them!  And they have that green that I am obsessed with these days!

This year I created new artwork to incorporate in to my farmhouse spring home decor, come check it out! #TwelveOnMain #springdecor

There is just something about spring that has so many people doing a little bit of a reset to their home or to some part of their life.  Its a great time to change things up and try something new.  

I think that including artwork in your home is a great way to add a unique touch to the space, creating a look that is all your own.  

*Disclaimer*  These paintings will be for sale soon.  I will also be selling prints, so stay tuned!

Find something you love?  I’ve gathered similar items to create the same look!

Make sure you check out my art shop as well and see all the pieces available for purchase!



Farmhouse spring home decor for the win! Custom landscape artwork as well as abstract floral art. Beautiful muted colors with pops of green and fun touches of whimsy #TwelveOnMain #farmhousedecor #springdecor

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  1. This is spectacular. I love your kitchen and I’ve been liking your paintings on Instagram all over the place! They are gorgeous. Your farmhouse styling is so fresh and pretty for spring. Wonderful home tour. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your artwork is beautiful and fits your Spring home decor perfectly. Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

  3. Oh wow! You are crazy talented and I love how you explained your thoughts behind the colors and the paintings. Your home is absolutely gorgeous and looks so cozy and inviting. Beautiful home tour!

  4. Wow. your artwork is really really splendid. This gave me a ton of ideas which i’ll be trying after adding some tweaks. lovely post adn looking forward to more content like this.

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