Cricut Maker Machine Questions and Answers

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I have to admit, I was a bit ashamed it took me so long to learn embrace a cutting machine.  When I talk about a cutting machine, I am talking about my Cricut Maker machine, probably the coolest, most versatile and easy to use machines out there.  Today I want to share my thoughts on the Cricut Maker after more than a year if using it for so many different applications.

Some of the most popular and most asked questions about the Cricut Maker machine and I am giving all the answers! Read this if you want a Cricut Maker.

I am going to answer some of the most popular asked questions.  Had I known these things long ago, I would have jumped on the train and bought one much earlier.

The biggest question I hear from my readers is……..

  • Will it be easy for me to learn the software to make projects? 

100 perfect yes!  This was the aspect of learning how to use my Cricut machine that I was most afraid of having to learn.  Cricut has amazing educational videos that show you how to use each and every part of the Cricut machine as well as how to use Design Space, their software for making projects.

Design space is very user friendly, and I quickly became familiar with all the functions. Cricut has tons of Youtube videos as well that are very helpful.

Design Space also has some great membership options that allow you to have access to so many different images, fonts and so much more.  I love this option because you can use so many different things for one low price.

  • What kind of DIY projects can I make with a Cricut Maker?  

Gosh, you can make so many different things with the Cricut Maker.  You can make custom t-shirts, custom mugs, water bottles, etc.  You can create those popular farmhouse style signs, create custom stencils too! Want to cut fabric and sew up something?  Your Cricut Maker can cut fabric patterns, and then you can sew it all up.

I love making custom shirts and sweatshirts.  This one below was my first ever attempt and its still my favorite sweatshirt!

I have also made some really cute hats using their EasyPress Mini.

You can cut leather, which increases the amount of things you can do. You can make earrings, purses, bracelets, bound journals, and so much more.

I would say I use mine very often to make cute custom signs, like my monogrammed signs.  They are so fun to make.

You can also use Cricut’s new Infusible Ink to make the coolest shirts, custom designed bags and more.  We made this cute tote for my daughter who happens to love goats using their infusible ink.

  • What makes the Maker different from other Cricut machines? 

Wonder what makes the Cricut Maker different from the other Cricut Machines?  Well, first it can cut fabric!  How cool is that?  It can cut leather too.  You can cut over 300 materials, where the Cricut Explorer Air can cut about 100 materials.  It has commercial grade cutting technology.  For me, it means it is beefed up and has more to offer if you are looking for a more heavy duty machine.

The Cricut Maker is definitely what you will want to look at if you plan to create a business and create and sell items.

Some other differences between the Cricut Maker and other machines is the large variety of cutting tools you can use including the Rotary Blade, Knife Blade, and Single and Double Scoring Wheels, Wavy Blade, Perforation Blade, Fine Debossing Tip, and Engraving Tip.

Some of the most popular and most asked questions about the Cricut Maker machine and I am giving all the answers! Read this if you want a Cricut Maker.

These tools are a big game changer for anyone wanting a machine that can just about do anything.

I love using the debossing tool.  I have used it for so many projects including these simple gift boxes. as well as these super cute valentines cupcake toppers.

Some of the most popular and most asked questions about the Cricut Maker machine and I am giving all the answers! Read this if you want a Cricut Maker.

The debossing tool, rotary blade and engraving tip are my favorites.  Cutting fabric has never been easier and with the use of Design Space, you can find so many projects and ideas that you can customize to your desires.

  • What materials can I cut? 

You can cut so many different materials with the Cricut Maker including fabrics, leather, chipboard, vinyl, iron on, metal, and of course papers… and on and on.  I have a complete list here.  With over 300 materials that can be used, your options are practically endless!  

  • What I wish I knew when I got my Cricut Maker machine

What I wish I knew when I got my Cricut Maker?  Gosh, I think the first thing I realized and wished I had known is how easy it all was to use. I was a novice when I got my Maker. I had never even looked at a Cricut machine and I am ashamed to say it! I was so intimidated by the idea of one of these machines and I had this idea that there was a big learning curve.  Boy was I wrong.

I wish I had known that I has nothing to worry about.  These machines are so easy to learn to use.  I also had no idea how many different things you could use the Cricut Maker for.  I love this machine and wish I had started using one sooner.

  • Can I make money with my Cricut? 

Absolutely you can make money with your Cricut.  If you are someone who wants to create jewelry, you can make amazing earrings, necklaces and bracelets using your Cricut Maker.

You can also make custom signs using your Maker.  This is actually how I have made money with mine.  While I do enjoy hand painting signs, creating a custom stencil allows you to get a crisp and clean design on your signs.  They look professional and people love them!

You can create leather bound journals, custom shirts, and so much more.  The ways in which you can earn money using your Cricut Maker are only limited to your imagination.

I hope that these questions and answers help you answer some that you may have been wondering about.  The Cricut Maker is a great machine with so many different functions.

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  1. Oh, I’m so happy I read this post! I have had a Cricut Maker for awhile, but alas, it is still sitting in the box in my basement. I, like you, have been worried that it would be difficult to learn the software and how to navigate it all. This has totally inspired me, though! Time to break it out and put it to use! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I’ve got an old Cricut that hasn’t been out of the box. $10 at a yard sale last year! Some day!

  3. I am trying to download Kimberbell’s SVG files and it says to download them “as is”. I have not found how to do that on the Cricut Maker. Any help would be appreciated.

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