Cute Canvas Tote Bag Ideas with Cricut Infusible Ink

Last week, I shared my first experience with Cricut Infusible Ink.  This stuff is really cool!  If you want to learn everything you need to know about Infusible Ink, make sure to check out this post all about Infusible Ink.  I show you how to use this new Cricut product step by step, and how cool it can be to use.

How to use infusible ink to make adorable custom canvas tote bags! These are sooo cute and Infusible Ink is such a great new product to have!

Today I want to share with you cute canvas tote bag that I made for my daughter the other day.  You see, my daughter loves goats!  We have 3 cute little Nigerian Dwarf goats, which she plays with almost everyday.  When I was thinking of a fun idea for a new Cricut canvas tote bag that I had to use with my new infusible ink, I knew it had to be something sassy and funny, but also something that fits her personality.

I created this cute canvas tote bag using Design Space, and if you click here you can see the design and customize it for yourself.

The steps for creating a design with infusible ink is similar to using an iron on vinyl in that you use the Easy Press 2 to infuse the ink into the shirt, tote or any other material you may be using.  

You will also use your Cricut machine, I use my Cricut Maker to cut out my designs. 

 *You will want to make sure that you use the mirror image setting on Design Space so that when you apply your design onto your material, that it is going the right direction.*

So let’s talk about how I applied this design to my canvas tote.  You will need:

If you check out my post about the complete process, you can see all you need to know about infusible ink.  This time, I will shorten up the the process here.

I started by preheating my Easy Press 2.  I cut out my design on my Cricut Maker.  Once it was cut out, it was time to remove the excess sheet from the cutout.  Make sure to save any parts  of the sheet that you may be able to reuse and cut something else with.

Now, prepare your canvas tote by laying it on top of the Easy Press mat.  Then apply the lint roller to the tote and make sure to get any excess lint and debris off the tote.  

Put a piece of card stock paper inside the tote.  This will prevent the ink from transferring to through the tote and will protect the easy press mat as well.

Preheat your tote by laying the Easy Press 2 on the tote and heat it for 30 seconds.  This takes the wrinkles out and prepares it to receive the ink.

Let the tote cool completely.  Then lay down your design carefully on the tote, laying it exactly where you want it to be.  The backing of the infusible ink transfer sheets is a but sticky so this will help it to hold it in place.

This is where you really need to be careful.  Put a layer of butcher paper over the top of the design, protecting it from the Easy Press 2.  Lay the press down carefully making sure not to slide or move the press at all once it comes into contact with the ink transfer sheets.  Hold it in place with light pressure.  You will use the heat and time settings on to make sure you have the correct heat and time for your article of clothing.  

Once the timer beeps, carefully lift off the Easy Press and set it aside.  Take off the butcher paper and let the design cool.  Take off the transfer sheet backing and your design is ready!

And this is the final result of my daughters super cute goat inspired canvas tote bag using Cricut Infusible Ink.

Cute Infusible ink canvas tote bag ideas!

Isn’t it cute? I used an animal print transfer sheet that had some variation in the colors to give it a random design.  I think it looks amazing with her cute leopard print booties!  Isn’t she a doll? And that cute canvas tote bag is to die for too!

Cute Infusible ink canvas tote bag ideas!

She loves that its got a goat on it, and with the fun, “you’ve goat to be kidding me” quote, its got a bit of humor and sass to it!

Cute Infusible ink canvas tote bag ideas!

I die.  So cute.  I can’t even.

Why not try Cricut Infusible Ink for yourself!  Make yourself one of these cute tote bags too!  You can use infusible ink or even use the original iron on vinyl.

Make these super cute canvas tote bag ideas with the new Cricut Infusible Ink! Check this post out to learn all you need to know about this Cricut Product!

I just wish I could dress and be just like her.  It’s all just the cutest.

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Make these super cute canvas tote bag ideas with the new Cricut Infusible Ink! Check this post out to learn all you need to know about this Cricut Product!

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  1. Once you have the circuit easy press what did it cost or should I say would it cost because I am guessing your supplies were given to you to complete just 1 bag, like you did. I am debating on how to do 25-50 bag.

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