How to Make A Tall Outdoor Side Table with Wood Scraps

Have you wanted to add some style to your front door, but lack much space? Check out how I made an outdoor side table for both sides of my front door and built them out of wood scraps!  DIY projects do not have to be complicated to be stylish!

Make your own outdoor side table with scrap wood! So easy to make with full tutorial!

Hey there friends.  Its been a bit since I have posted here, and I have missed it so much!  June has proved to be the busiest month yet this year.  But, it is so nice to be back and hopefully I will get into my groove once again soon.  

Today I finally decided to share how I made a super easy tall outdoor side table out of scrap wood from my trash pile.  I have had a lot of people ask me how I built them, and believe it or not, they were so very easy to make!  

Making sure they were perfect or that they were elaborate was not a concern for me, since I was going for a more laid back look.  I kept it simple and easy.

If you want to make your own outdoor side tables, here is my supply list:

Keep in mind, this can be done either with scrap wood or with store bought pieces that may make it easier to build.  I will list both ways.

  • 2 by 2 inch pieces of wood. ( I used 2 by 4 studs and cut them down on my table saw since that is all I had)
  • 1 by 10 pieces of wood in lengths of at least 6 foot.  You will use this for the tops, cut at 20inch lengths.
  • Cordless drill and impact driver
  • 1 1/2  and 2 1/2 inch screws
  • 1 by 4 inch piece of common wood board, appx 8 ft in length – You will cut 2- 18 inches long and 2 – 17 inches long pieces for the sides.
  • Orbital Sander
  • DIY weathered wood stain

How to build an outdoor side table:

Now, there are things I did that you will not have to do if you buy the right size pieces of wood.  I only had some old 2 by 4’s and I wasn’t able to buy anything at the time so i had to use what I could find.  I cut my 2 by 4’s down to 2 by 2 pieces.  These will serve as the legs to the outdoor side table from reclaimed wood.

You want to start by building the side piece of the table.  This pieces is the most important, since it will hold the tabletop and the legs.

You can connect these in many different ways.  You can even miter them.  I just sandwiched the ends, putting the 17 inch pieces on the inside, and screwed them together. 

How to build an outdoor side table from scrap wood!

I made sure to drill holes first so that none of the wood would split.  Then secure one side at a time.  In order to make sure that it is square, you can use a metal square and put it in the inside corners and adjust it and then secure the screws.

Once the side piece was connected, we began adding the legs.  We made our legs 34 inches long since I wanted a tall and skinny table. 

How to add legs to a reclaimed wood side table

I put a leg in the corner of the side piece, and lined it up at the top.  Then I drilled 2 holes through the side table into the table leg.  

Then I secured the leg with a 2 1/2 inch  screw.

Repeat this to secure all legs to the table.

Once you have this done you can either screw in the top or add the cross pieces to the legs for stability.

Adding cross braces to an outdoor side table

I added the cross pieces first.  You want to measure the at the top of the legs where they meet the inside of the table. 

How to make an outdoor side table for your porch or patio

This is the width that you want the legs to be at the bottom as well, and thus will cut the cross pieces.

We attached one cross piece and then lined up each one as we secured them, measuring from the bottom so that they were all in line.

Make sure to measure each side at the top where the legs meet the table.  That way the legs will be consistently straight.

Once you have the legs and cross pieces secured, its time to add the table top.  I wanted my table top to have an overhang of 1 inch.  Since my table is 18 inches wide on each side I cut the table top pieces 2o inches long and since the wood was 10 inches wide, it evened out into a 20 inch by 20 inch tabletop with 2 of them.

How to easily add the tabletop to an outdoor side table

I lined the table top pieces in the top and made sure to measure for the 1 inch overhang.

I then pre-drilled holes in the corner of the table top pieces and into the table legs below.  Then I secured the tops with screws. Do one screw at a time and make sure that it is still straight and then add the next screw.  This will help prevent crooked pieces.

Once the tops are on, its time to give everything a good sanding.  I used my orbital sander to do this quickly and easily.  

How to finish off the outdoor side table:

Now that it is sanded down, I used my favorite weathered wood stain that I make myself!  This comes in really handy because it works well on combining different wood species and giving them a more uniform look.  This was created because of the combination of water based stain and grey wash.  Check out how I made it from the link above↑↑↑

Styling my outdoor side table set:

Create this farmhouse style outdoor side table with these easy to follow instructions! I cant believe it was made out of scrap wood!

I made two of these outdoor side tables and flanked either sides of my front door.  We were able to find some adorable lavender topiaries to set atop of the outdoor tables.  These ones we found at Costco, and they have been quite difficult to keep alive!  I found these adorable faux trees ones on Amazon and think they would be much easier!

Love how this outdoor side table looks with this front door. Its a beautiful combination. Make on for yourself here!

I am so in love with my simple outdoor side table set. Their simplicity is all I need and the way they look with the rest of my front porch decor is seamless. 

Super cute outdoor side table made from scrap wood and build in less than an hour!

Now, you could customize yours any way you want. There are so many paints and stains out there!  You could also add tiles to the tabletop if you wanted it to be more customized.

Since I used wood scraps and already had the tools, it cost me exactly nothing to build!  I love it when that happens!  

I love these rustic outdoor side tables! Check out the full tutorial here!

Do you think an outdoor side table or two would look great on your porch?  Try it out!

And make sure you PIN IT for later!

DIY outdoor side table from scrap wood! Its so easy to make and they look so great! Love the rustic farmhouse style!


  1. These are great, Sara! I’ve been considering larger pots to flank my front door, but now you’ve got me thinking that a pair of tables might look nice! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday; I’ll be featuring your DIY side tables at next week’s party. Hope you’ll link up with us again 🙂

  2. I adore the way your front porch looks Sara. Everything about is says welcome to peace and tranquility and those tall side tables steal the show. What a lovely way to “frame” the front door.

  3. This is one of those moments I say: Why didn’t I think of that? What a great idea to bring some height to the front door decor. I am pinning this for later use. I think I will built something along these lines and would love to share where my inspiration came from. Best part…the cans do not match. I am not for matchy match and that brings a fun and real element of rustic charm. You are spot on with this idea!!! So glad I found you in the link party. Just subscribed to your blog. I definitely don’t want to miss a thing. Happy Summer, Kippi

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