Mason Jar Herb Planters | 10 Minute DIY

Mason Jar Herb Planters

I spend most of my days working on DIY projects, and for the most part, I love every minute of it.  However, it is nice to work on simple DIY projects that can be started and finished in a short amount of time with little to no tools.  What about a DIY project that can be completed in 10 minutes?   That is the challenge myself and a few other talented bloggers decided to do.  And this month, we decided to come up with 10 minute planter DIY ideas.  Here is my 10 minute DIY mason jar herb planters.

These DIY mason jar herb planters are the easiest DIY project and took less than 10 minutes to make!


I love to use mason jars all around my house.  Since I spend the summer growing a garden and then bottling and preserving our harvest, I have mason jars a plenty.

So, it only seemed natural for my to use some of my mason jars to plant some herbs.  With the cold, snow, and winter blues running rampant around my house, I felt it was important to get some plants in my house to brighten up the space.  

Now, I didn’t want to just drop the plants into the mason jar and call it good.  They needed a little fancying up.  I had some rope that I had purchased for another project lying around and decided to hot glue the rope around the mason jar. This simple rope was the perfect addition to my DIY mason jar herb planters. 

I started at the top right below the threaded part of the bottle and hot glued every other row of rope.  

It was a simple addition, and added a fun little touch of texture.  It works well with my farmhouse style decor.  

10 minute mason jar herb planters.  Done.  

DIY mason jar herb planters for the win! This 10 minute DIY project is the perfect project for the weekend!

Looking for a really simple DIY project? Try these 10 minute DIY mason jar herb planters!


My basil looks so much lovelier in my 10 minute DIY mason jar herb planters!

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Brighten up your home with these easy 10 minute DIY mason jar herb planters!


So maybe this weekend, if you want to accomplish a fun but easy DIY project, try out one of these super simple 10 minute mason jar herb planters.  It will instantly brighten up your space and make you crave the beginning of spring. 

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