Master Bathroom Remodel Week 5 | The Final Push

This farmhouse bathroom design is so perfect!

Master Bathroom Remodel Week 5

I cannot believe that it is week 5.  This week marks the 5th week of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home.   This last week was crazy busy, but actually quite productive.  We got a lot of big things finished up and I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, or bathroom.

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Now, on to this weeks progress.  The shower is done!  The plumbing has been completely finished(thanks to my awesome hubby) and I could not be more thrilled with the final look.

This farmhouse bathroom design is so perfect!

This farmhouse bathroom design is so perfect!

This farmhouse bathroom design is so perfect!

This farmhouse bathroom design is so perfect!

These faucets by American Standard are amazing!  They have made all the difference int his master bathroom remodel.  I have already used my handheld shower head to clean the shower, which makes all the difference.  No more buckets of water being splashed all over the walls in an attempt to get it all clean. I’ve moved up in the world.  Now if I could install myself a house cleaner, that would do all the cleaning for me.  I haven’t moved that far up.


We got all the shiplap installed and painted.

The bathtub is almost completely installed.  Just a few final things to do to it before it can be used for the first time.  I told my hubby, he could have first dip!


I was also able to get the toilet room completely finished.  I build these shelves(which will have a separate tutorial coming soon).  They are exactly what I wanted, and they were super easy to make.  I experimented with the finish and ended up with the perfect look.  This same wood look will also be on my vanity, which will be done this weekend.


We also were able to install a wood beam into the room.  Since we have a dormer wall in the bathroom, with a slanted ceiling, I wanted to accent it and make it look like less of an eye sore and more like it has purpose.  The beam turned out great, and I can’t wait until I can show you how I did that as well.

Overall, it was a super productive week, and we were even able to get a little hunting in for by hubby.

I am so very, very excited to get this bathroom finished.  This last week will be hard, with many late nights, probably tons of bad words and dirty looks and a few fights.  Its practically unavoidable.


This farmhouse bathroom design is so perfect!

I hope that it all goes smooth though, I sure could use a few painless days.  I cant believe this master bathroom remodel will me done soon!

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Have a great day, I must get back to the tasks at hand, or else there might not be a final reveal to show you!

Always remember…

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  1. Hi Sara! As a fellow ORC participant, I visited your blog because your styling really caught my eye. I love what you’ve done so far and, looking back to Week 1, I can hardly believe this is the same room! Can’t wait to come back next week for the final reveal! 🙂

  2. I can appear that you put a considerable measure of work into transforming your bathroom. The tile work in the shower definitely appears a change to your old shower. One of my most loved changes is the new wash basin with the white cabinet with the blue-winged animals that are used for handles. It looks so darling set up together. I’m extremely happy that your renovations ended up looking so nice.

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