Over 30 Amazing Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Sometimes when we move into a home, we love so many things about it. And sometimes there are things we do not love. Eventually we find ourselves deep in DIY projects or have hired someone to change things for us. I find fireplaces to be a big thorn in home owners sides. Fireplaces can become dates very quickly and sometimes they can just be downright ugly. This can make your living room unenjoyable. Fortunately for us, there are limitless possibilities of what we can do to make them better. Today I want to show to over 30 amazing fireplace makeover ideas.

When it comes to fireplace makeovers there are a million different ideas out there of things you can do to make them look better. Is your fireplace an eyesore? Keep reading to find great fireplace makeover ideas.

Fireplace Makeover Tips

  • Have a plan before you start. Check the structural integrity of the fireplace.
  • Make sure you have your fireplace checked for functionality and safety if you plan to use it
  • If you have a stone fireplace and want to paint it, make sure to prep it properly by cleaning it. Also use the correct kind of paint for your fireplace surface.
  • Add storage by adding built-ins or shelves if possible. This is a great way to update your fireplace.
  • Choose something classic that will last through the trends that come and go.

Whether you have a red brick fireplace, rock or wood, you can easily paint over it and give it an updated look. There are certain things you need to make sure to consider including deep cleaning the mantel surface, prepping the surface with a primer and by using a good heat resistant paint.

In addition to painting a fireplace you can use techniques such as a German Schmear which adds a plaster kind of material and is added spread across the surface of the rock or brick, covering part of the surface and filling in the cracks.

There are so many tile options out there and if you have a fireplace that you can work with, tile is a great option. A faux brick surround is another great option. You can use thin brick tiles, or a faux brick panelling to create a cozy brick look.  

Adding a new wood mantel to a fireplace makeover is a great way to update an ugly fireplace.  

By painting an ugly mantel or by building an entire new one without tearing out the fireplace, you can give your fireplace an immediate transformation. We build a new mantel for out family room fireplace and it made such a difference!

With all these different options available I wanted to share over 30 fireplace makeovers that i found that showed some great ideas, tips and tricks to give your fireplace a new look.

Painted Stack Stone Fireplace | Twelve On Main

Last year I decided to paint my cultured stone fireplace. This is not real stone and it was looking dated. It now has a new modern look and is a great focal point. Some might not think its a great idea to paint rock, but with the right prep, it can be a game changer.

Stacked Stone Fireplace Gets Facelift | Twelve On Main

Before we painted out fireplace, we felt it needed a facelift and we built a new mantel which completely changed the entire fireplace. I love the change and after it was painted it made it even better. We added a new wood mantel to the existing fireplace. This was a great way to update it without spending a lot of money .

Updated Painted Black Fireplace | Twelve On Main

We have a faux fireplace in our master bedroom, and we recently painted it with a nice coat of black paint. It added contrast and a more modern look to the space. Painting a fireplace different colors will make them stand out in a space.

Fireplace Makeover | The Inspired Workshop 

This is a great example of a gorgeous fireplace makeover. I think it makes a dramatic focal point for the room. Make sure to click the image above to see the before and after!

German Schmear Tutorial | Craftivity Designs

This is a beautiful example of an old brick fireplace that was given a German Schmear treatment. It softens the harsh lines of the brick and updates it as well.

Farmhouse Inspired Fireplace Makeover | Houseful of Handmade

Adding a new tile surround is a great way to update a fireplace and it can be super affordable too! This new fireplace makeover will give the homeowners years of use and enjoyment.

German Schmear for Under 10 Dollars | Up To Date Interiors

This German Schmear on a stacked stone fireplace is so cool, I think it gives it such a unique paint job.

Old Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover | Jaime Costiglio

Is your fireplace in a busy living space in your home like a kitchen or dining room? Check this out. I love these old fireplaces, and the charm and character that they have. This fireplace makeover includes a tutorial on how to make your very own beadboard wood paneling. I love that they kept all the charm of the original fireplace. You can tell the old house has tons of character and I love that it is in the dining room. I have often wanted to add one to mine as well.

How to Choose Fireplace Trim | Handyman’s Daughter

This is a great tutorial on how to choose the right trim for your fireplace. Check this out! You can use materials from pine to mdf to add new trim to your fireplace. Dont neglect the sides of the fireplace either! They are often overlooked.

How to Update a Stone Fireplace | Love Our Real Life

This is a great example of how to update an old unattractive stone fireplace.  She gave the whole thing a fresh coat of paint using a wash technique. It has so much character.

How to Paint a Mantel and Get Clean Paint Lines | Postcards From the Ridge

This post has some really great tips for how to paint a fireplace and get crisp clean lines.  

How to Refinish A Fireplace | Just Paint It

This is a great faux finish effect on this fireplace mantel. It adds some rustic charm to the space. Make sure to check out how she did this.  

How to Paint A Stone Fireplace White | A Girl In The Garage 

I am obviously a fan of painting stone if it is not what you love having in your house. Everyone should have a space they love and if painting it does that, then I would highly recommend doing it. A fresh coat of white. latex paint can really transform a space. I think it makes a huge difference. The oak mantel pops off the fireplace design.

How to Build A Fireplace Surround | Jenna Kate at Home

This fireplace is gorgeous and has great step by step pictures on how they built this fireplace. It looks as if they built around a gas fireplace insert, and I think. it looks amazing. You cannot go wrong with white paint. It is a classic look on fireplaces and it will last.


Brick Fireplace Makeover | Birdz of A Feather

This is quite a big change and its really pretty. Its a whole new look! I love the modern look. The entire thing looks modern and makes a big difference in the space. 

How to Tile A Fireplace Surround | South Georgia Style

Have you wanted to add tile to your fireplace? Check out this tutorial. Whether you use porcelain tile, ceramic tile or natural stone there are so many options and if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can hire a tile installer to do it for you.

Fireplace Overmantel Brick Makeover | Jennifer Rizzo 

This is a really pretty faux fireplace with brick. Even if you don’t have a real fireplace you can create one!


DIY Mantel and Hearth Makeover | Fox Hollow Cottage

Check this amazing makeover out by my friend at Fox Hollow Cottage. I love this look. That is a beautiful mirror , and I find tons of inspiration from the whole fireplace.

Easy Peel and Stick Fireplace Surround | Sondra Lyn at Home

Don’t want to put permanent tile? Maybe you want to keep your budget a bit smaller? Check out peel and stick tile!

Farmhouse Fireplace Makeover | Love My Simple Home

This is such a charming fireplace makeover. I love the brick along with the shiplap wall.

Fireplace Makeover With Sticker Tiles | 2 Bees In A Pod

Another great fireplace makeover with peel and stick tile. There are so many different options.

Fireplace Makeover | Lydia Outloud

Check out the before and after of this beautiful firepalce.

Fireplace Makeover | Finding Silver Pennies

I love the change in this fireplace with the stone surround. Check it out!

How to Paint a Fireplace | Made In a Day

I love a tone on tone fireplace and this color is gorgeous.  

DIY Concrete Fireplace Makeover | Cherished Bliss

I am completely obsessed with this fireplace by Cherished Bliss. The concrete look is so beautiful and I am tempted to refinish the fireplace in my bedroom with this look.

DIY Brick Fireplace Makeover | Lemon Thistle

Another great painted brick fireplace. This is a great way to update an old dated fireplace.

Painted Fireplace Refresh | Lemon Thistle 

How about more painted rock? Yes, I love the way it brings out the texture of the stone.

Painted Brick Fireplace Makeover | My Repurposed Life 

I like that this has a two toned painted look with the fireplace. It allows the fireplace surround to stand out.

How to Install a Brick Veneer Fireplace Surround | 2 The Sunny Side

I love the way they installed the brick veneer in this fireplace surround. The thick channeling of mortar looks great.

DIY Fireplace and Mantel Surround | 2 The Sunny Side

Such a classic and beautiful look on this fireplace. Make sure to check out the before!

How to Whitewash a Dated Brick Fireplace | Renovated Faith

Whitewashing brick is another great thing to do, and its not as drastic as painting one.

DIY faux Stone Fireplace Chimney | H2O Bungalow

The stone above the fireplace is so pretty! I love this added texture.

Lessons to Learn About Tiled Fireplace Surround | The Lived In Look

And last, if you are thinking of tiling, make sure to read this and avoid having to learn your own lessons. There are so many things you can avoid.

There are so many helpful website articles out there that can help you no matter what project you are wanting to work on. If you are thinking about a fireplace makeover, I hope these that I have shared can help you be inspired in your own project.

Looking to make over your fireplace? I have over 30 amazing <span style='background-color:none;'>fireplace makeover ideas</span><span style='background-color:none;'> </span>to inspire you. There are so many great ideas.

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