Peanut Butter Ritz Cracker Smores Recipe

Its been a busy week here at Twelve On Main!  I have been sharing tons of my favorite things, including my new and improved back patio, and some  of my favorite smores recipes.  

Peanut butter Ritz cracker smores recipe

Can you believe that it’s August!  Today is actually August first when this post goes out.  That means my kids have only 3 weeks of summer left, and they are back in school!  It also means that our summer season is getting shorter.  I was very aware of that today as the rain and chilly weather visited us.  It made me very excited for fall, but I need to make sure I get all my outdoor time in.  That includes cookouts, working in the garden, playing with our new goats, and so much more!

So, in honor of the time running out, I wanted to share one more of my favorite smores recipes.  That way, if you’re like me, we can get outside, and enjoy these before the busy school year and the cold hits.

I am excited to be partnering with a ton of my favorite bloggers once again for a fun s’mores blog hop!  If you want to see them, make sure to head to the bottom of this post to see all their links that will take you right to their posts!

Todays peanut butter and Ritz cracker smores recipe is one of my absolute favorites.  Mainly because it brings back a bit of nostalgia for me.  You see, when I was in elementary school, our teacher had us do some sort of money making project, where we created a product and then sold it to our classmates. I decided to make “snickerdoodles” or at least thats what we called them.  

They were graham crackers, with a layer of marshmallow cream and a layer of peanut butter topped with another graham cracker.   Back then, I made them with the cinnamon graham crackers.  Those are still one of my favorite treats. 

I loved the way the peanut butter balanced the sweetness of the marshmallow  cream.  So, back when we started making smores as a family, I had a hard time wanting to eat that big pile of sweetness.  With chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers it is just too sweet for me. 

So, I started adding a layer of peanut butter in place of the chocolate.  

A few years ago, out of necessity, I tried it with some ritz crackers, and would you believe it?  They are way better than graham crackers.  Their buttery and salty flavor goes so well with the sweet marshmallow and rich peanut butter.

Peanut butter Ritz cracker smores recipe

What do you need to make my peanut butter Ritz cracker smores recipe?

Now let’s talk about how to put one together.  It’s as easy as any other smores recipe.  Simply replace the chocolate with the peanut butter and the graham cracker with ritz crackers.  

Peanut butter Ritz cracker smores recipe

The thing I love about this is that the portion of marshmallow to cracker and peanut butter feels more balanced.

Peanut butter ritz cracker smores recipe

The softer texture of the ritz crackers makes this treat so much easier than when using a graham cracker or cookie.  Theres nothing worse than when the middle gets squeezed out on that first bite!

Peanut butter ritz cracker smores recipe

They are bite sized! These are small enough to treat the kids, and if you want few more, you definitely can!  I love the small size.  It makes them more manageable for the kids and for the adults.

Peanut butter and ritz cracker smores

Sweet and salty!  I am a big fan of this combination in desserts!  I’ll admit that when its just a lot of sweet without anythings else I am just not a big fan! 

So, what are you waiting for?  Who knew that a ritz cracker dessert would be so good! Go make yourself some!  The best thing about s’mores is that you don’t have to make them over a fire!

If you have a gas stove, you can cook these peanut butter and Ritz cracker smores right on the cooktop!  I used to do this as a kid and now my kids do the same(with supervision of course).  

Peanut butter ritz cracker smores recipe


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Peanut butter ritz cracker smores recipe


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