Easy Strawberry Trifle, Our Favorite Strawberry Dessert

We are going to call it strawberry trifle dessert, but we call it something different at home. Please hear me out…I know that post title is a bit…umm nasty sounding? Well, I have heard that my whole life! I promise if you keep on reading you will understand why we call this strawberry dessert, Strawberry Throw up. And while it’s not the best name, its absolutely a necessity in our family. But today we will call it summer strawberry trifle dessert. With strawberries being my favorite fruit this is a hit. Its like a strawberry shortcake, but totally different haha.

Before I start this post, I wanted to stress that I got permission from my mom to post this recipe. It’s her creation….the name included haha.

There is so much to this delicious dessert and I wanted to share it with you.

I know you are thinking to yourself, why in the world would someone call a dessert…throw up. Well honestly, I have lived with this name my whole life and never even thought it was weird! I will say many others have questioned it. Every birthday, my mom would let us pick our favorite dinner and our favorite dessert. Having 6 kids under 1 roof, it wasn’t too often that we got what we wanted. So this was a special treat. It is a treat that I have carried over to my kids.

From the time I can remember, I was requesting Strawberry Throw-up (or strawberry trifle) for my birthday dessert.

Now, I have kids asking for it as well. It really is a divine strawberry dessert.

So, while the name may be awful, the dessert itself it soooo good.

I remember a neighbor of ours requesting that my mom call it Strawberry delight, or Strawberry fluff….not happening man. You can call it whatever you want…we know what it is. I have so many fond memories of times in our lives where this dessert was there.

What makes this strawberry trifle dessert different?

This is similar to a traditional trifle, we just made it a bit easier to put together. It has layers of cake, a creamy pudding layer and a sweet strawberry layer. You cannot go wrong with angel food cake, and fresh strawberries after all. But there is more to it than that.

My mom would often make this dessert in a 9 by 13 pan. When it was your birthday, she would take a little bit of everything and make you your very own in a fancy wine glass. I think it was just the extra that didn’t fit in the dish, but man it made you feel special.

This is also a tradition I have done with my kids. They love having their own.

So today, I decided to create individual desserts as well as a larger dessert. This strawberry dessert is perfect for summer, and it can be changed out for raspberries as well! You just have to make sure use the right glaze for that. I will explain that later!

How to make this tasty strawberry trifle recipe(aka Strawberry Throw-up)

Before you get started, know that you do not need a trifle bowl to make this! We make it in a 9 by 13 pan! YOu can use a clear glass bowl if you have one.

The star of this show is the homemade angel food cake and the strawberries! Now, I did use a boxed mix for the angel food cake, so its not made from scratch, but it does make a difference! This strawberry dessert just doesn’t taste the same with a store bought already made cake. Just trust me on this. If you haven’t ever made an angel food cake before, it actually is quite easy to bake and I find the generic brands easier to work with! This will be the bottom layer of this trifle dessert.

Image of homemade angel food cake

Once you bring your cake out of the oven, flip it upside down to cool. Once cooled its good to use!

The first thing I do is to tear the cake into bite sized pieces. When my mom would make it, she would make it in a 9 by 13 baking pan. You can use a big glass bowl, a trifle dish or whatever you have.  I wanted to try making them in some small mason jars, so that everyone could have their own serving. This would be a wonderful idea for a wedding or for a dinner party to make it look a bit fancier. You could even put the lids on them so that they are like a little package each person gets.

Angel food cake in mason jars

I also made a smaller dish using one of my adorable Rae Dunn pieces.

Angel food cake in a casserole dish

Now, this is where I want to make sure you know a few things. We always break down the cake and try to avoid using the crust, especially if you have some dark spots. It can be more chewy than the rest of the cake. But no worries, these will quickly get snarfed up by my kids. The soft, pillowy, white cake in the middle is what you are after.

Image of angel food cake

Once you have all the cake broken apart, it’s time to make the pudding layer and cut the strawberries.

Slice the strawberries and set them aside in a bowl. I usually use 2 clamshells of strawberries. You can use frozen berries, but fresh berries are so much better!

We use a pudding mix for this is how I do it:

  • 3 cups of milk(I use whole milk) in a medium saucepan with the powder.
  • Bring to a boil, and the pudding mixture will thicken.
  • Turn off the heat and ad 8 oz of sour cream.
  • Pour hot pudding over the cake
  • I will spoon it carefully when using small mason jars.

Pouring pudding on angel food cake dessert

Pouring vanilla pudding on angel food cake dessert

You want to do this while it’s still hot and hasn’t thickened up all the way. It allows the pudding to soak into the cake a bit. Put the dessert in the fridge to allow the pudding time to cool down while you cook the Danish Dessert.

I then rinse out the pan and use the same pan to cook the Danish Dessert. Have you heard of Danish Dessert before? My mom has been using it for years. I find it so much better than the pre-made strawberry glaze.

Plus, it comes in raspberry, which is also so good in this recipe. Just replace the sweet strawberries with fresh or frozen raspberries and you will love it!

Making strawberry danish dessert

  • Danish Dessert comes as a powder (like a jello). You want to use the box instructions to cook it.
  • Mix the powder with 1 3/4 cups water
  • It will look creamy and cloudy…just wait.
  • Heat the mixture on medium heat and bring it to a boil, stirring continuously.
  • Watch the magic happen

How to make strawberry danish dessert.

It will turn into a shiny gorgeous glaze. Take it off the heat.

Now lets talk about the strawberries.  Clean and slice your strawberries.  

Want to keep your strawberries fresh longer?  Check out this post!

Dump the strawberries into the glaze and stir.

Now you can spoon and pour this layer into your containers.

How to make the yummiest strawberry dessert with angel food cake, vanilla pudding, danish dessert and strawberries

Ummm, my mouth is watering just looking at that strawberry sauce. Its the perfect summer dessert.

This is the perfect summertime strawberry dessert! Make this treat for barbecues, parties, and just for an everyday treat! With angel food cake, pudding, and strawberries, you can't go wrong! The perfect easy strawberry trifle recipe!

At this point, you are practically done! It needs to hang out in the fridge and become completely cool. We love to add a tub of cool whip to the top of the dessert, but often leave it off because some do not want it.

I decided to add some to the small cups because it just looks so cute.

How to pipe whipped cream onto strawberry desserts

This really is the perfect dessert. Its especially great during the time of year when strawberries are in season. With a little bit of whipped topping on the top of the trifle, its just the yummiest. You could easily add othr fruits such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries!

This is the perfect summertime strawberry dessert! Make this treat for barbecues, parties, and just for an everyday treat! With angel food cake, pudding, and strawberries, you can't go wrong! The perfect easy strawberry trifle recipe!

Aren’t they adorable? My kids came home from school and saw these sitting in the fridge and freaked out. You see, I generally only make this on a birthday or special occasion which is silly because its so easy to make. They had the best after school snack that day! But when you have ripe strawberries, you better act fast!

Yummy strawberry dessert with angel food cake in mason jars


This strawberry dessert is the perfect summer treat. Don’t let its name fool you…its so good! I hope by now, you can see that my family has quite the sense of humor!  We are inappropriate, silly, and naughty.

Make sure to try this “Strawberry Throw-up” and call it whatever you want…but it will always remain the same, delicious, fresh, and so so good! The layers of angel food cake along with the sweetness of the strawberries and creamy pudding mixture make this our favorite dessert recipe. You can see the beautiful layers. With simple ingredients you can create a memorable treat for the summer season. You can also make this layered dessert in the winter using frozen strawberries!

Rub to your nearest farmers market or grocery store and make this today! This is a great thing to enjoy on a warm summer night!

Angel food cake strawberry dessert in mason jars

If you want the full recipe to this strawberry trifle dessert, check it out below.

Fresh Strawberry Trifle Dessert

This strawberry dessert screams summer! its so fresh and delicious! By combining angel food cake, strawberries, pudding, and more, you cannot go wrong!
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Prep Time 3 hours
Cook Time 30 minutes
Resting time 3 hours
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 16 people
Calories 264 kcal


  • 1 Angel Food Cake, torn into bit sized pieces I make my own because it tastes better! You will want it to cool for 3 hours prior to tearing it apart
  • 1 5.4 oz pkg Cook and Serve Vanilla Pudding
  • 1 pkg Strawberry Danish Dessert You can also use raspberry! Its so good.
  • 8 oz sour cream
  • 16 oz cool whip or homemade whipped cream
  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 3/4 cup water
  • 3 cup sliced strawberries (or raspberries if you choose) I prefer fresh but you can use frozen


  • Start by tearing your angel food cake into bite sized pieces
  • Cook the pudding according to the instructions, using the 3 cups of milk. It is important to use the cook and serve so that you can easily spread it over the angel food cake. Add 8 oz of sour cream to the pudding once it had thickened.
  • Spoon over smaller containers or gently pour over the large serving dish
  • Put in the fridge and allow to cool while making the strawberry glaze
  • Heat 1 3/4 cup water with Strawberry Danish Dessert Package. This is so much better than the store bought glaze! Follow the instructions on the box. The mixture will go from a creamy to clear glaze.
  • Once it has thickened, add the strawberries and take off the heat.
  • Pour and spoon over your pudding mixture. This will be your third layer.
  • You can add whipped cream at this point or wait until you serve it. I find some like it without whipped cream.
    Let it sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours to cool completely and set up.
  • Sit back and enjoy this tasty strawberry dessert!


Calories: 264kcal
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The perfect summertime strawberry dessert with angel food cake, pudding, danish dessert, and strawberries!

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  1. This looks delicious.I’m one of those grandmas that has to do it all from scratch but it’s almost as easy as using packaged stuff. I think this would be delightful with lemon curd and fresh raspberries instead of pudding and add some fresh cream. Chill well and top with home made whipped cream. I’ve never been a fan of Jellied strawberries. This shouts fresh fruit, and home made whipped cream. I think I will try it tomorrow.

  2. Have never heard of strawberry danish dessert . Where did you find it in the grocery store? Looks yummy.

  3. I want to make this BUT which size of vanilla pudding box…. the 2 cup one or the larger box of vanilla pudding. SOUNDS GREAT! AND THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTION

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