12 Quick and Easy DIY Projects for Beginners

I know there are a lot of us that like to work on DIY projects.  There are so, so many different projects that one can do depending on your skill level.  I’ve rounded up 12 quick and easy DIY projects for beginners.  So, if you are just getting started, these quick DIY projects will be perfect for you.    

12 Quick and Easy DIY Projects for Beginners

Click on the links below the image to be taken directly to the DIY projects


Easy DIY bike rack


DIY Bike Rack | Twelve On Main

This is one of mine! If you are looking for easy DIY projects, this is certainly one to try.  Plus, its so functional!




DIY Fridge Magnets | Dagmar Bleasdale

Cute magnets!  I think we can all agree that this is a super easy DIY project!




DIY Hanging Colander Planter | Hello Nature

How easy is this DIY project?  I love this, it has so much character!




Easy DIY book project

DIY Kids Book Sling | Grillo Designs

I love love this!  I need to make some of the book slings for my daughters room!


Easy DIY projects

DIY Mason Jar Pendant Light | Dagmar Bleasdale 

Love using mason jars for so many things.  Check this simple DIY project out!


easy DIY projects

Spray Paint Brass Fixtures |Refresh Restyle

Love the look of these lights!  This is a perfect beginner DIY project!


Galvanized Tub Vertical Planter | Simply Designing

Love this easy galvanized tub planter!  See how easy it is to make by clicking the link above



Mason Jar Patio Lights | Curly Crafty Mom

Patio lights are so great.  I think these are genius!  Try them out yourself!



Tin Can Wall Organizer | Knick of Time

I love the idea of upcycling and repurposing for this simple DIY project!




DIY Painted Doormat | Sweet Parrish Place

Make a custom doormat! yes! I am actually going to be trying this soon!


Silverware Wind Chimes | The Interior Frugalista

What an adorable wind chime!  Once again, upcycling at its best!

Now, do you think that you can tackle and of these super quick  DIY projects?  I hope you think you can, because guess what?  You can!

These are some really great ways to dip your toes in the big DIY pond.  You will learn so many different skills that will help you and give you confidence to create more and maybe take on a more advanced  project!

12 quick and easy DIY projects for beginners. These are perfect for anyone just learning to DIY!


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