Over 25 of the Best Garden Cart Options for 2021

Hey there friends. I spend a ton of time outside in my backyard. I work tirelessly in the garden tending to my veggie plants. There is also a lot of time spent weeding and tending to my flower beds. With all the backbreaking work we do keeping our outdoor decor beautiful and functional it is important to have a good garden cart to help with the heavy loads and to assist with all the hard work.

Garden carts are an essential must have tool in any gardener or outdoor enthusiasts toolkit. As a hobby farmer with our goats and chickens, having something to crt the larger loads of feed, or the lighter loads of weeds is key to making your life easier.

I have scoured the internet looking for the best garden carts, as I am currently looking for the right one for our needs.

There are many things to consider prior to purchasing a garden cart and I want to address some of those items below:

  • Wheel Type- There are two different kinds of tires, plastic and rubber. Generally if a cart has plastic tires, it is meant to be used for lighter loads. They sometimes have tread on them but not always. The advantage to these types of wheels is that they are lighter weight and cannot be punctured or popped. These are also best used on gras or other soft surfaces. If you want a heavier duty tire get one with pneumatic wheels. They are made of rubber and are filled with air. They are similar to a standard car tire. I would recommend these heavy duty wheels if you need to haul your cart over rocky and rough terrain.
  • Durability- The durability of your garden cart will definitely depend on the materials it was made from. If you get a steel frame garden cart it is going to last longer and take a lot more abuse than a plastic or rubber cart.
  • Carrying Weight Capacity- What are you going to use your cart for, where are you moving it to and how far am a going with the load. There are carts that hold up to 500 pounds as well as carts that are designed and built to hold over 1000 pounds. Consider this prior to purchasing one. If you never plan to load it up with heavy objects. You will never use it to its greatest potential. Heavier duty carts will have larger, thicker tires and the frame will be more solid, made from steel. These are the best choice fi you will be using it for heavy jobs. If you want a heavy duty garden cart like this, make sure to consider one with sides that are removable. If you choose a smaller lighter weight cart, make sure you also have sides to it if needed so that you can keep those smaller more delicate items, such as flowers or vegetable plants, safe inside the cart.
  • Bed Material- I have stated previously in this post that the most durable garden carts are made from steel and this is what you want on your garden cart bed. Steel beds are great and you can use them for years without seeing much damage. The drawbacks are that they are heavy and can rust or be discolored by acidic materials like compost. Polyethylene is another option. It is dent and scratch resistant like steel but weighs less and are better in rainy weather. Coming in third in the bed material is plastic. While it is very lightweight and easy to pull, it can get sun rot over time. This can result in cracking and breakage. If you choose plastic, make sure to keep it protected and out of the elements when not in use.


There are also different types of carts including: utility wagons, dump carts, flatbed carts, and foldable carts.

Utility Wagons- Utility wagons are generally metal wagons with 4 wheels, that have metal vertical sides that will help contain everything in the cart. Usually these sides are removable. This type of garden cart is perfect for hauling weeds, plants, cuttings, compost and fertilizer. I would consider this one of the heavy-duty carts. The usually have mesh sides and rubber tires. They can carry large loads or small loads. They are an excellent choice as an all around heavy-duty cart. With their large tires they can travel over rough terrain they can be used for heavy use on rough surfaces and do it easily.

Dump Carts- Dump carts have a similar look as a utility cart and very similar to wheel barrows. The difference being that they can dump their load. These types of carts can be used to haul all sorts of garden soils, wood chips, fertilizer, compost material, tree stumps and are great for hauling chicken and goat fertilizer. If you are moving around a lot of dirt, it might be better to get a heavy-duty dump cart instead of a utility wagon. Make sure to get one with a quick-release dump feature.

Flatbed Carts- Flatbed carts do not have sides, as it is a “flat bed”. That seems kind of obvious to most, but I still wanted to give some information on them. These are great for hauling bags of feed, fence posts, wood, and more.

Folding Garden Cart- Low on storage space? If you are looking for a yard cart that is lightweight and can be folded down and stored away then a foldable cart is for you. Be aware that the weight limit and durability of these foldable carts is less than a utility wagon, dump cart or flatbed cart. They are great for transporting garden tools, garden supplies and more. But they can be used in other applications as well, including being taken to a park, the beach or camping. They are also a great option for those that may live in the city and walk everywhere. They can be a great device to haul supplies, groceries and more.

How do you choose the right garden cart for you? Consider a couple other things. Do you have a large yard or garden or do you have a small garden and need a good option for simple hauling jobs?

Do you have good mobility? If you are someone that might struggle with mobility get a more lightweight cart that you can more easier pull.

How strong are you? You may laugh at this one, but hear me out. If you are wanting one of the top of the line heavy-duty garden carts, be sure to remember that they are much heavier than the lightweight plastic or polyethylene quality garden carts. Make sure that you can pull the one that you want to purchase. make sure it has good load capacity and has easy loading. Also make sure that the wheels are pneumatic tires. I find them much easier to move around than the plastic ones.

Other features of a garden utility cart to consider:

You can often find the same garden cart in different sizes.  It will  include how many cubic feet it can easily transport when it is full. Also consider getting one with an adjustable handle or a convertible handle.

A convertible handle is one that you can use to either bee pulled by hand or to be towed. This is a great choice if you have a side by side or a small 4 wheeler you use around the farm.

An adjustable handle is as it may seem, you can adjust the length of it depending on if you prefer a short or long handle.

Over 25 of the best garden cart options for your backyard farm, garden or yard.

There are so many types of garden carts and I gathered up a ton of really great options for you below:

Whether you are hauling large objects or just need a simple garden wagon that you can have around for a long time, make sure to check these out.

There are a couple brands that I prefer, one being Gorilla Carts which have some really great options including different sizes as well as hauling capabilities. There are so many different options, you will be guaranteed to find one perfect for your needs.

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