Easy Way to Update an Old Dresser with Hickory Hardware

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There are so many ways to update and change out an old piece of furniture.  Today I want to show you how I updated our dresser with new Hickory Hardware.  Keep on reading to learn simple ways to update old furniture without doing a lot of work.

Sometimes you come across a gorgeous dresser at a thrift store and you have to have it.  This happened to me a few years ago.  I came across this dresser on a thrift store trip with my sister.  It had just been brought out, it didn’t even have a price tag on it yet.  I immediately snatched it up.  I was so excited to bring this baby home.

Instantly, I knew it would be perfect in my daughters room. The feminine art decor style, and the caramel color of the wood was exactly what I was looking for. I purchase it for 60 dollars and could not wait to get it home.  It been in my daughters room ever since we purchased it, waiting for a little TLC.

As you can see it is living its best life in my daughters bedroom(she’s a bit of a hoarder).

I think most often if we get something from a thrift store we need to immediately completely transform it.  Paint it, cut up certain spots and rebuild.  There are so many things you can do to furniture, but sometimes the simplest solution is not only the easiest, but it’s the best.

There was NO WAY I could paint over this dresser.  It was still in great shape, other than the normal dents and dings.  The only thing that was lacking was the brass set of drawer pulls on it.

They were obviously not the original ones, and the piece was missing 2 of them as well.

The easiest way to update any piece of furniture is to change out its hardware, and that is where Hickory Hardware comes in.

I knew that since this dresser was in my daughters room I wanted to add something feminine and eye catching as well.

I had originally put some crystal knobs on the cabinets in my laundry room a few years back, and I knew that was the way I wanted to go.

Have you heard of Hickory Hardware before?  Hickory Hardware is a hardware company known for their decorative hardware designs.  They have been around for over 120 years!  They have in house designers and master craftsmen.

I had the hardest time choosing which hardware to use…because there were so many gorgeous options.  Their pricing is really great and you have so many different style options.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing new hardware for a dresser, cabinets, or other furniture pieces.

Before choosing the perfect hardware for your furniture, take these into consideration:

  • Look at the lines of your furniture.  Is it modern, rustic, or maybe mid century modern?  It’s good to take this into consideration when choosing hardware.  There are always guidelines and rules, and you do not have to follow them, but it may help guide you to a set of hardware that will look amazing.
  • Remember to measure.  You will want to make sure that you measure your current pulls.  Its easy to find a new set that you love only to find that the spacing of the hardware does not match your current holes in the doors.  Make sure to measure and you can usually filter out hardware by measurements which will allow you to make sure you choose the right ones for your project.
  • Color.  Make sure to take the color of your furniture into account. If it’s painted, this does give you more freedom in what to choose.  If its a stained piece of furniture, the tone and temperature of the wood will effect what your hardware looks like.  This is why I chose the crystal knobs that I did.  I wanted something clean that would not fight with the caramel color of the dresser.

I am so excited about how these new crystal knobs from Hickory Hardware look on my “new” dresser.

The crisp lines of the crystal knobs compliment the semi feminine lines of the art decor dresser.

I cannot imagine painting this beauty. I love the different grain patterns that are combined on the drawer fronts.

All I did to this dresser was give it a good shining with some furniture polish.

What do you think of the finished dresser? I put this off for so long because I wasn’t quite sure what kind of knobs I wanted.  Hickory Hardware made it easy to find the perfect style for this dresser.

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