Over 30 Gorgeous Garden Obelisk Trellis Ideas You Will Love

Its the beginning of the gardening season here in Bryce Canyon country and I have been planning and prepping the garden for al the yummy veggies it will hopefully grow. Not only do we have veggies in our garden but 4 peach trees and an apple tree, and so far they all have fruit. We are super excited aboot that! Every year, I plan to grow certain veggies that like to climb, and I have always been a bit late to the game when it comes to trellising them. This is mainly because I want something that is pretty and also functional. Something I have really wanted was some garden obelisk trellis options.

I love the wooden obelisks and that is what I am planning to create to put in my garden, but I started doing some research and found that there are a ton of gorgeous garden obelisk trellis options available online, and that most were quite affordable! First lets talk about these obelisk trellises and see what they are all about.

What is a garden obelisk trellis used for?

An obelisk trellis is a tower-like structure typically made from wood or wrought iron that offers support for climbing plants. They are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors, and add a dramatic flair to any flower bed or garden arbor.

What can I grow up an obelisk?

This is open to so many different types of plants. You can use them to grow roses or other flowers all the way to peas, beans, and other climbers in the garden.

Do you plant inside or outside an obelisk?

It is best to grow the plants up the outside of the obelisk, so train them to grow up the outside. You can make this easier by planting whatever you are growing on the outside of the base of the obelisk.

What is the advantage of using a garden obelisk?

The advantage for me is simple, they are functional while being incredibly decorative. This is always a nice addition to vegetable or kitchen gardens and add vertical interest to an otherwise low lying garden. They can become a gorgeous focal point in your garden.

There are many different types oof garden obelisk trellis options available online including: wrought iron obelisks, wooden trellis obelisks, twig obelisks, and other metal obelisk options.

An obelisk has a pyramid-like shape with some kind of decor piece at the top of the obelisk. Garden Obelisks can be small but often come in larger sizes. Often when I find them online there are options for different sizes, which makes it easy to adjust depending on your outdoor space needs and how much plant support you need.

I am planning to build some for my own garden this year because I have an plan in mind and I want to execute that plan! The great thing about garden obelisks is that they can be used in raised garden beds as well as those gardens planted directly into the ground. You can move them and repurpose them as often as needed. I am planning to make some to use for my vegetable garden and use them on my peas, cucumbers, pole beans, and possibly more. Those are the main ones though.

You can also use these in flower pots which is nice if you have a climbing vine or plant. By purchasing a garden obelisk that is decorative too, you can add beauty and function to your yard.

I love the way garden obelisks look in the garden. They add so much character and help personalize an otherwise simple garden landscape. These trellis garden obelisk pieces can become important pieces of your garden landscape. I think it is important to consider what your gardens needs are and what you can help grow by adding a couple of these pieces.

I have spent some time online searching for some of the best ones I could find. I have rounded up what I have found and you can check them out below! You can easily click on the image to be taken directly to the product for more information.


Gorgeous and Functional Garden Obelisk Trellis Ideas:

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Over 30 garden obelisk trellis ideas that are perfect for your small or large garden! Add these to your outdoor space now!  These add vertical design to your otherwise flat garden area, while also giving support to plants that need it.

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