Over 50 Home Office Ideas to Make Your Work at Home Better!

I think we have all accepted that there are some new aspects of our lives that have changed over the past year.  With Covid, and all the quarantines, so many people have become “work at home” people.  With this new option for so many, there are so many things to consider when trying to work at home successfully without disrupting your  “at home” feel.  I want to share over 50 different home office ideas that just might help you if you are one that is now working from home.

As someone who has worked from home for the past 5 years, there are so many pitfalls working from home. I have had to learn the hard way that I need to keep my work time and my home time separate and make sure I do not get lazy just because I am at home.  Self-discipline is huge with work at home options!

I will be honest, to this day, I do not have a great dedicated home office…yet.  This is one of the main reasons why I created this post. I needed some inspiration.  We are planning to build me a separate home office/ studio/ workspace in our backyard and I have so many ideas, but need some direction!  I think these home office ideas is a great start to my plans.

From completely gorgeous home offices, to simple home office ideas that hep you be more productive, organized and focused I wanted to share some great ideas that I have gathered from some very savvy “work at home” professionals….bloggers.  

I have asked my fellow bloggers for some of their favorite home office ideas, and I am breaking them down into a couple categories:

Home Office Makeovers:

One of my most favorite things is to see a room start out drab and unloved and see it turn into something amazing.  With so many different styles out there, and all the different needs that people have for their home offices, I find it all so inspiring.  

I have gathered some amazing home office makeovers in hopes that they might give you some inspiration as well.  These office makeovers have amazing storage ideas.  Some use bold colors while others use muted more boho style colors and decor.  Whatever your style preference, or office needs, you can find something that will speak to you.

Have a scroll through the office makeovers below.  All you have to do is click the links below the image to see more details and images of the project.

Home Office Makeover by Girl Just DIY



Modern and Feminine Office Reveal | Living Letter Home


Modern Boho Office Reveal | Making Manzanita


Basement Home Office Reveal | Inspiration for Moms



Home Office Refresh | Dreaming of Homemaking 


Home Office Reveal | A Life Unfolding


A Pink Home Office | PMQ for Two



Boho Office Inspiration | Brooke and Peony


Colorful Basement Office | Casa Watkins Living



His and Hers Home Office | Wildflower Home Blog


Colorful Mid-Century Modern Office | Artsy Chicks Rule



Craft Room Makeover | Craving Some Creativity



Parisian Style Home Office Makeover |Monica Wants It



Home Office Reveal | DIY Decor Mom



Graphic Designers Office Redesign |Bloom in the Black



Colorful Office Reveal | Amber Oliver



French Inspired Home Office | Maison De Cinq



Modern Home Office Ideas | Love Create Celebrate


Small Home Office Ideas:

Often times, it is hard to carve out a space in your home for a home office.  Transforming a full room into a home office can be very unrealistic for so many of us, but creating something small, in a bedroom or even in a closet is something we can all try to work with.  I think it is important to highlight small home office ideas.

I am kind of obsessed with the small closet sized offices.  There is so much packed into a small space.  In order to create an office in a small space such as a closet, it will be important to pair down the things you want to include in your office.  I would recommend donating or tossing out things you do not love or need.  I know it can be super hard to do this, but it will drastically change the look and feel of a space.  

These small space home office ideas are the perfect combination of necessity and creativity.  I love these creative ideas and I hope that they give you inspiration in your attempt to create an office in your small space.

Small Office Space in the Bedroom | Craftberry Bush



Closet Office Design Ideas | Nesting With Grace



Small Office Wall Organization | Interior Frugalista



Small Office Reveal | Domestic Imperfection



Modern Closet Office Reveal | Jessica Welling Interiors



Turn Your Closet into a Home Office |Martys Musings



Blue and White Desk Nook | The Creek Line House



DIY Desk Ideas:

In addition to so many other things you can do to create a unique home office space, you can DIY your own desk!  I have done this in my sons bedroom and I am sharing his office desk below.  Sometimes in order to get a desk that fits perfectly in your space, you may need to do a little DIY.  I love DIY and I am always excited to create something new in my home.

I wanted to share some great desk DIYs that you could easily create in your own home office.  There are also some that could use a bit more help, but I really want you to see that so many people are capable to building their own things.

In addition to building your own there are some great ideas on how to transform a standard desk into something so unique and original for your space.

DIY Affordable Desk with Faux Butcher Block | Twelve On Main



IKEA Rast Desk Hack | PMQ for Two



How to Build a Desk in a Closet | Houseful of Handmade



Ikea Desk Hack Tutorial | Jessical Welling Interiors



DIY Desk Top For Home Office | Shades of Blue Interiors



DIY File Cabinet Desk | Knock It Off Kim



DIY Floating Desk | Within The Grove


Dual Purpose Office Spaces:

In addition to having small space office such as a closet office, there are dual purpose office ideas.  Often, a very popular thing to do is to create an office and a guest bedroom combination that works amazing as an office but can be transformed into a guest bedroom when you have visitors.

In addition to office/guest bedrooms, there are some great office/ dining room ideas as well.  I have even seen some amazing office/bedroom ideas. I think it is really important to make sure that if you are creating an office in your bedroom that you create some kind of boundaries for yourself.  It is so easy to find yourself working right in bed, confusing the lines of relaxing and working.

I have found some great ideas of dual purpose home office ideas.  Make sure to check them out below.

Craft Room Office with a Murphy Bed | Salvaged Living



Office/Craft Room Reveal | Houseful of Handmade



Office /Guest Bedroom Office Reveal | The Home I Create



Dining Room / Office Reveal | The Home I Create



Craft Room / Home Office | Sunny Side Design



Grand Office / Sewing Room Makeover |Petite Modern Life


Home Office Decor DIY Ideas

Now that you have more of an idea of what and where you want to create your home office, its important to look at organization, home office decor and more. 

I want to share some of my most favorite home office decor ideas with you.  I cannot believe how creative and ingenious some people are when creating a functional space.

From pegboards and wall grids to wall decor and  how to build an entire built in desk and bookshelves, there are tons of ideas! I


DIY Wall Grid | Squirrels of a Feather



DIY Office Sign | My Creative Days



Curbside Cabinet Makeover | My Creative Days



How to Decorate an Office With No Windows | Up To Date Interiors 



Office/Craft Room Organization Ideas



Creating A Dream Workspace | Love My Simple Home



IKEA Home Office Ideas | Jessica Welling Interiors



Office Organization Ideas | Angie Holden


Instant Office Organization | The Orderly Space



Pegboard DIY | Better Homes and Gardens 



DIY Built In Desk and Shelves | Honey Bear Lane



Built In Office Using Bookshelves | Sawdust to Stitches



Office Bookshelves | Twelve On Main

I feel like I could have shared 50 more home office ideas with you, but I had to stop myself somewhere.  I think this collection is a great resource for those looking to improve their home office design, decor and functionality.  With so much of our working lives going digital with zoom meetings and more, its important to have a space that feels good to you, and also one that looks good!

I hope that these home office ideas help you be inspired to create your own work space that is functional and pleasing to you.  


One Comment

  1. I love your closet/office projects.

    Recently i moved my desk to the garage and made a closet/office into my desk.

    I LOVE the extra room created by removing the desk, a smaller bedroom serves as my office/man-cave.

    What had been His/Hers closets deeper than most the left side now claimed for the desk the right side remains to hang clothes, suits, ties, etc,. from the old days when i had worked in an office building,

    I spent very little money a gallon of paint close to the blue walls the rest of the room is painted the existing shelves, ceiling, etc IKEA curtains, curtain rod, etc,,

    The closet doors have been removed they had been ‘in the way” I replaced them with a few pairs of long blue curtains from IKEA.

    I used a inexpensive “dorm room rug” from Home Depot blue industrial carpet to carpet the floor in both sides of the closet, used a few mirror tiles and cork squares I had left over from other projects, ran an extension cord and surge protector into the closet. A few hooks, cool baskets, clamp lights from the hardware store, and contact paper for the desktop – a table top i found in the dumpster “trash to treasure” one of my hobbies.

    The closet/desk looks GREAT and functions very well and cost very little money.

    The extra room created in the room by removing my desk and creating a “closet office” is invaluable.

    I see real estate listings in Manhattan that sat “home office” when its often a closet made into a home office.

    Both sides of the closet look beautiful most of the time the IKEA curtain is handy if i am NOT in the mood to straighten up my desk at the end of the day I just close the curtain.

    Sea Girt, New Jersey 08642

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