Porch and Entryway Fall Decor to Make You Swoon

Fall decor does not need to be dramatic, transformative, or expensive.  My goal these days is to create an easy going type of seasonal decor.  I want a laid back, natural type of decor, one that could easily be taken from one season to the next.  Do you want to see the beginning?  

Get amazing fall decor ideas from these incredible cozy fall home tours! Check out all the style, and inspired fall decor!

Every year I am lucky enough to work with amazing bloggers and influencers on season home tours.  This fall I am thrilled to be part of an amazing home tour with some really amazing and talented ladies!  If you are here from The Nesting Place, welcome!  I am so glad you are here!  Each one of us has chosen parts of our home to decorate and feature.  Since this is my first home tour of the fall season, I wanted to start of by featuring my porch and entryway.  As a sort of, welcome to my home to the beginning of my fall tours. You can see all of the participants in our home tour below:

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I do love good fall decor!  Over the years my style has transformed, and changed, depending on what I am feeling the year needs.  This year, I took a poll on my Instagram stories as to what color schemes I should use in my fall decor.  I was thrilled and surprise with the ones that were chosen, and two of them came in a tie!

These were the two that tied:

Oh, how I loved both color schemes, and so when they were tied, I thought it s great challenge! The two are very similar with only a bit of a difference in some of the shades.  So, I thought that I could combine the two, and make that work for my home.

So, as my fall tours progress over the next few weeks, these will be the color schemes you will see in my home.  Each room may have a specific focus on particular colors, but they will all be there.

For my porch and entry fall decor, I focused on more of the greens and autumn peach colors.  Welcome to my porch…..

My porch fall decor…

How to create the perfect fall decor on your porch that can transition to winter

This year, I wanted to create something that would and could easily transition from fall to winter.  I have found that creating an inviting atmosphere for each and every season can be sometimes very overwhelming, and I really wanted my fall decor on my porch and entry to be something that, with just a few adjustments could easily change for winter.

I think creating a space that can transition starts with having a few fundamental pieces that can relate to all seasons.  The finishes make a bug difference in this.  I chose to use wood, raw wood, and white painted pieces as the base to my porch and entryway fall decor.  With these pieces, I can easily add colors and textures without overwhelming the space.  Since I like a simple, more relaxed and homey look, this works perfect for my style.  You may find that you love big, bold and style specific pieces, and that is awesome!

So, for me, I started with my reclaimed wood patio side tables.  I flanked either side of my front door with them.  On my front door, I added my most prized, preserved magnolia wreath.  This thing is a beast, and it has been a wonderful piece to decorate with.  I got this last winter, from a company Knud Nielson.  They preserve botanicals.   I can no longer find the exact piece on One Kings Lane, but I found this magnolia wreath and its a beauty too.

I will have more items with fall decor  sources at the bottom of this post

Fall decor on the porch with a magnolia wreath and zinc buckets with sagebrush

Atop my side tables, I filled my galvanized buckets with sagebrush.  I know, that may not sounds very luxurious, but hey, when you need just the right color you will go to great lengths.  My husband and I took a drive out into the hills by our home, where it turns into desert, and found some lush sagebrush plants.  With just a few cuttings, we had enough.  I think Sagebrush has such a gorgeous color to it.  Plus, it cost me nothing!

Fall decor on the porch without any real pumpkins? Its crazy but its true!

Fall decor on the porch that you will drool over

I flanked my stairs with Mums and other small clippings of Sagebrush.  A few faux pumpkins is all I have so far this year.  Every store I have been to so far has looked at me cross eyed when I ask for pumpkins.  They just dont understand us bloggers I guess.

Mums, magnolia wreath, and firewood for a cozy and relaxed fall decor on the porch

I cant wait for my Mums to bloom.  They too, had just shown up at the store when I went looking.  I cant wait to see the deep maroon colors show up.

This year, I also decided to add a large rug to my front porch.  I love the change!  I think it makes the whole area seem more inviting!

Porch fall decor that will make you want to live there!

From here, you can see my sweet little white swing. This was a vintage glider we had found in my husbands grandmas yard, and it was all rusted through.  We were able to save the main part and turn it into a swing.

Farmhouse fall decor with a pop of color!

Again, I used the base pieces to accentuate the colors I wanted to add. Soft orangey peach, sage greens, a bit of the deep maroons, and more,  We had just picked peaches off our trees in the backyard, and I thought it only fitting to have a few featured here.

Farmhouse fall decor on the porch, with pops of color and layers of texture

Peaches scream fall for us, since they start falling off the tree just when the weather starts to change here.

Farmhouse fall decor eith firewood, zinc buckets, and large rug, and magnolia wreath!

To add a bit of practicality to the space, a small pile of firewood is ready for those chilly fall nights.  We haven’t had to use it yet, but soon, and we will be ready.

I love the look of raw stacked wood, and feel that even the simplest things can add design impact.

Cozy farmhouse fall decor that will make you want to live here all year around!

This has to be one of my most favorite places to spend my time.  This porch swing, the fall air, and some warm tea is all I really need.

I can wrap myself up in a blanket, and enjoy the whole space.

Now, lets move on to my entryway.

My entryway fall decor:

Farmhouse fall decor in the entry. Entryway fall decor, with neutral layers of texture and pops of color.

If you think about your porch or front door being your guests very first impression of your home, then your entryway should confirm the feeling you want your guests to have.

For me, this vintage church pew is more than enough for me.  I almost thought about moving it this year, but I just love it too much!

Cozy and serene fall decor in the entryway, full of farmhouse decor, raw wood, and so much more!

As you can see, I wanted things to be a bit more sweet and feminine.  You will notice this year that my fall decor is more delicate and feminine.  Last year, my homes fall decor was much more masculine.

Love this farmhouse style fall decor for the entryway! Give guest a great first impression!

My peg hat rack, with its straw hats and handmadefall basket wreath have the perfect colors that I wanted in this space.

Basket wreath for fall

I found this adorable fox pillow at TJ Maxx, and had to have it.

Neutral farmhouse style fall decor in the entry with pops of color

Flanking it with simple white pillows and some sweet apples adds a touch of that blush color that I wanted.

Unexpected pops of color in the farmhouse style fall decor. Make your entryway shine!

My mother in law gave me this amazing weaved basket last winter and I thought it was the perfect pop of color to the space.  Why not add some simple white touches, a pillow and a white pumpkin to it.

I love adding texture to me home, especially when the weather begins to chill.  A nubby blanket or two, a woven basket, lots of pillows and layers.  What could be more fall than that?

You or may not have noticed that I did not use one real pumpkin in both my entry or my porch’s fall decor.  This was not done for any other reason than that I just could not find them yet!  It was impossible in my neck of the woods, and I am sure as soon as I get done with this fall tour, I will see them everywhere!  That’s just how it works.  I will be adding fresh pumpkins to my porch as soon as some come available.

But for now, I am content.  Heck, I am more than content. I love these spaces, and I think that they are perfect fall decor for me.  I also think that adding some simple Halloween decor, and even transitioning into winter will be no sweat.

Is there something you may have been looking for?  I tried my darndest to find the exact and similar products for you, in case there was anything you just had to have!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  And make sure to check out Bees N Burlap and their amazing fall decor home tour!

Now, make sure you save it for later!


  1. I love your porch and entry way, they look serene and lovely, just cozy enough for Fall. Thanks for the tour.

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