Refresh Your Space with Affordable Bathroom Decor from Gap Home at Walmart

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As this year comes to a close and a new one is one the horizon, you might be thinking it might be time to refresh some spaces in your home. The new year is my favorite time to give spaces in my home a quick refresh.  My bathrooms seem to be my focus as far as freshening things up.  I find it to be the time to throw out old towels that might be worn out and have holes in them, rugs that are worn out and even a new shower curtain to freshen up the space.  Today I want to share some of my favorite go to’s for affordable and stylish bathroom decor options.

As you may know I am a big fan of Walmart’s home products and I recently came across their newest Gap Home products!  Yes you heard me right, the same Gap that provides modern  and classic timeless American styles in clothing now has some gorgeous options available exclusively at Walmart!

I immediately fell in love with so many of their products and knew that their timeless style would work perfectly in my bathrooms.  You get quality styles at an incredible value.  I love that their products are affordable and available exclusively at Walmart. 

A couple things I like to focus on when updating and refreshing my bathrooms is to update the rugs, and freshen up the towels.  These two things can make a big difference.  I also wanted to update the  shower curtain and towels in my sons bathroom. 

Since my master bathroom is quite large, I can add a pretty decent sized rug.  I like to do this to have something soft for our feet to land on.  I immediately fell in love with this Diamond Striped Textured Rug.  The grays and blues go beautifully with my flooring.  It is so soft underfoot and makes the bathroom a more cozy space to be.  


In addition to a new rug, I chose to refresh my towels by retiring the old towels (we like to use these ones for washing dogs, etc) and by adding some new fresh white towels.  These Gap Home Sculpted Organic Towels are so soft and gorgeous. I love the waffle like texture.  I stick with white towels in my bathrooms and these are so nice I think I may replace the towels in all the bathrooms with them.





I did just that in my sons bathroom adding these new towels as well as a new shower curtain.


The Gap Home Easy Stripe Organic Cotton shower curtain was super affordable and with the classic American style, it adds sophistication to the space.  My son actually came home and asked why his bathroom looked so fancy haha!   New towels, new rugs and new shower curtains….check!

This kind of refresh is really helpful when you are feeling discouraged about the decor or design of your bathroom.  If budget does not allow for you to create the bathroom of your dreams, maybe adding some pretty accents, new towels and a gorgeous rug will give it new life.

The New Year is the perfect time to freshen up those spaces in your home.  With the Gap Home products from Walmart you can add some great elements that are affordable too!  I love that they offer so many different decor options.  The colors, styles and quality of these Gap Home products are really great and have been made with the planet in mind too. Their modern furniture & rugs are the perfect addition to any room, and I am absolutely in love with their bathroom decor options.

Check out more of their Gap Home bathroom decor items below! Simply click on the image to be taken directly to that product:


How about more of their gorgeous products?  Check them out below! There is also much more on the website!


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