21 Sourdough Recipes to Start Your Sourdough Journey

Sourdough is a journey all in itself. If you are new to the sourdough world or have been using a sourdough start for years, its nice to have some tried and true recipes that you can jump to when wanting to use your sourdough recipes!

new to sourdough?

Complete Sourdough Guide

Looking for everything you need to know about sourdough starters, discard, recipes and more? I have a complete sourdough guide with tons of helpful information. Step by step instructions and more!

If you like to bake, this post is for you. Whether you love baking a loaf of bread, pizza, or so many others this is exactly the right place for you to be. I love to bake and these sourdough recipes are some of my favorites.

Things I Love About Sourdough Recipes

  • KID FRIENDLY – You can make any sourdough recipe kid friendly. My kids took right to my sourdough recipes, and while a couple tasted more unique to them they quickly fell in love with them.
  • HEALTHY – Sourdough recipes often have more nutrients and health benefits than regular bread recipes. The long fermentation time helps the breads to be more easily digested.
  • TASTE – I LOVE THE TASTE OF SOURDOUGH! Now, I was never a fan of store bought sourdough bread, but homemade sourdough bread is on another level!
  • THEY ARE THERAPEUTIC- The process of kneading, stretch and folds, mixing ingredients, and even the bulk ferment give me a grounding feeling. I love taking it down to the basics. Working with a sourdough bread recipe, watching dough rise, shaping them into a banneton, scoring designs, and a messy work surface are all simple steps that give me time to pause and take time to think and focus.

I have been growing the amount of sourdough recipes I have on the blog, and today I wanted to give you a place that you can get them all here:

21 Sourdough Recipes

Simply click on the Title Link on each image to be taken to the recipe!

There are things about sourdough that just make it better. First, the texture of sourdough bread is unmatched. The chewy and airy crumb is incredible fresh or toasted. The thick crust of a dutch oven sourdough bread is just another great part of it.

Generally someone that is sensitive to gluten can eat true homemade sourdough without a lot of difficulty. Lets talk about some of the questions about sourdough recipes and sourdough bread:

FAQs about sourdough

Sourdough bread contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than other breads. It also contains lower levels of phytate and therefore allows your body to absorb the nutrients it contains more easily than those in regular bread.

An active sourdough starter can be used to make all sorts of breads, bagels, English muffins, pancakes, waffles and so much more. A sourdough discard can be used to make brownies, cookies, pancakes, waffles, pop tarts, pasta and even more! We love using our sourdough starter and discard as often as we can.

According to some studies, sourdough bread acts as a prebiotic, which means that the fiber in the bread helps feed the “good” bacteria in your intestines. These bacteria are important for maintaining a stable, healthy digestive system. Sourdough is also lower in gluten than other forms of bread.

In addition to being healthier the flavor is unmatched. You can use many different types of grains to create sourdough breads, including whole wheat flour, rye, bread flour, white flour, spelt, and a combination of others.

Tools you’ll need

Some of my favorite sourdough tools are a bench scraper, cast iron dutch oven, banneton baskets, a bread lame, and a danish dough whisk.
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21 amazing sourdough recipes perfect for beginners and seasoned sourdough bakers! These are all great recipes to add to your collection.

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