My Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover | Reveal

Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover

Well, its reveal day here at Twelve On Main!  After 4 weeks of brainstorming, searching, and working hard, I am finally ready to reveal my budget friendly bathroom makeover!  

This budget friendly bathroom makeover was completed for less than $100 dollars! Can you believe it?!


This bathroom belongs to my boys.  And if you are here for the first time, you really should check out 

And here is a before picture if you have been here and dont remember what a mess it was to begin with!

This ugly bathroom was in dire need of a budget friendly bathroom makeover, You have to see the after!!

This bathroom had seen better days!  Two boys can really put their mark on a bathroom.  Literally.

The bathroom was not pretty, stylish, or fun for kids.

That was my goal.  I set out to accomplish this whole bathroom makeover for under $100.00.    My sweet friend Erin at Lemons Lavender and Laundry started this really fun series The $100 Room Challenge.  She recently decided to include other bloggers and I was eager to attempt the challenge!   And here is how this budget friendly bathroom makeover turned out:

This octopus shower curtain made a huge impact in this budget friendly bathroom makeover!



Simple farmhouse touches took this budget friendly bathroom makeover to another level!

$100 dollars goes pretty quickly when you are remodeling any room, let alone a bathroom.  I however, was able to do it all, for under $100 dollars.  I am still so excited about this budget friendly bathroom makeover.  I of course wanted to implement some farmhouse bathroom decor.

I like to think that I have become more resourceful since establishing our life in a tiny town void of most conveniences that people take advantage of.  We do have a small hardware store and its fantastic, but as far as home decor stores, or any convenience stores, we do not.  I have to make a special trip or plan it out to make it to any of those kinds of stores.  And this last week, we were kicked in the nuts with snow, snow and more snow!  Any plans I had to add a few touches to this room by purchasing at a store were called off.

I had to get really creative.

If you saw my post about my week 3, I had started to hand draw shiplap on the walls, since the shiplap itself was not in my budget.  

I was struggling though.  I was not in love with it.  I was stuck.  Then I thought, what if I reversed the shiplap, and put a thin pieces of horizontal trim on the walls in a repeating pattern.  This I could do!  I had some 1/4 inch plywood that just might work!  We cut it down to 1 1/2 inch wide and made a ton of strips.  

This wall treatment was exactly what this room needed!  It added the dimension and interest that I was looking for, and it cost a fraction of what shiplapping the whole room would have cost.  And since I had these wood pieces as left overs from our master bathroom makeover, it really cost me nothing.

Customizing this mirror was a big part of this budget friendly bathroom makeover.

We used some 1 by 4 pine to  redo our mirror and I used my favorite weathered wood stain to create the look.

A simple farmhouse hook is the perfect addition in this budget friendly bathroom makeover. Did I mention it was done for under $100 dollars?

I had one last hook left over from my master bathroom makeover, so I hung it on the wall as a place to hang the boys hand towel.

This budget friendly bathroom makeover was completed for less than $100 dollars! Can you believe it?!

We also used some 2 by 2 inch wood pieces that you can get from Home Depot for under $2.00 to create a fun towel ladder behind the toilet.    I used the same weathered wood stain here as well.

Check out my HOW TO video here:


I love this towel ladder storage in this budget friendly bathroom makeover!


This budget friendly bathroom makeover was completed for less than $100 dollars! Can you believe it?!

The biggest purchase for this bathroom was the shower curtain.
I love the combination of whimsy and rustic in this amazing budget friendly bathroom makeover! |


This reclaimed water sign is the perfect addition to this budget friendly bathroom makeover! |

 It was also the inspiration for the rest of the room.  I wanted the bathroom to have a light and bright farmhouse feel, but I wanted to incorporate dome whimsical touches for the kids.  This octopus shower curtain was perfect.  I used this as a jumping off point.  I wanted to add some more octopus touches throughout the room.  

Did you see that “water” sign above the shower?  I previously had it in my kitchen.  It too was a re-purposed item. Check out its before here!

Can you believe my 9 year old created the artwork for this budget friendly bathroom makeover?



Next, I went straight to my 10 year old son, who is an amazing artist.  I told him I wanted him to draw me some octopus pencil drawings to hang in his bathroom.  He excitedly agreed!  

This budget friendly bathroom makeover was completed for less than $100 dollars! Can you believe it?!

I am blown away at the talent of this young boy.  His drawings were hung simply in the bathroom with some twine and clothes pins.  I thought having a movable set up would be best, since he loves to draw, it would be a great place to frequently display his art.

I decided to do a little art of my own and created a few funny bathroom signs last week.  We have quite the sense of humor here at our house and my kids had to have this sign in their bathroom.  Haha!

My kids love this hilarious artwork in this budget friendly bathroom makeover!

This budget friendly bathroom makeover was completed for less than $100 dollars! Can you believe it?!

I finished off this room with a blue and cream striped rug that I got at Home Depot, for get this…..3.00.  No I am not lying.  Before Christmas they had this pile of small throw rugs for 3.00 on a random aisle!  I grabbed a few, knowing that I could use them somewhere in the future! Score.

Can you believe I got this rug for 3 dollars? It was perfect for this budget friendly bathroom makeover.

This budget friendly bathroom makeover was exactly what this room needed.  While remodeling a room for under $100 dollars, it is actually more work.  You have to be resourceful, creative, and think outside the box.  

So, here is a rundown of all the things that were done in this room:

  • Repaint the whole room white –  $30.00
  • Add horizontal trim  – $5.00
  • Paint vanity with leftover navy paint –  0.00
  • Frame out the mirror –  0.00
  • Paint door frame and trim  – 0.00
  • Create bathroom art – FREE
  • Hang new shower curtain – 30.00
  • Make ladder towel holder – $10.00
  • Hang water sign – FREE
  • New Towels – $10.00
  • Hang sons artwork- FREE
  • Striped Rug – $3.00

It was easy to create this budget friendly bathroom makeover. I just needed to use my imagination!

This bathroom was a monster to tackle!  But it was all worth it.  My boys are happy.  They love everything about the bathroom and that makes me so very happy.  

Now, we will see if they can take care of it;)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my budget friendly bathroom remodel.  

This budget friendly bathroom makeover was completed for less than $100 dollars! Can you believe it?!


This budget friendly bathroom makeover was completed for less than $100 dollars! Can you believe it?!

For your convenience, I’ve gathered a few of the exact or similar products in case you are looking to create a budget friendly bathroom makeover for yourself!

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Have a great day!


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  1. Wow!!!! It turned out amazing! I love that you included your son’s artwork. He is very talented just like his mom. And the push it sign? I am dying laughing!!! ????

  2. Sara! The reverse ship lap is absolutely brilliant! I love it and how budget friendly it is. I may have to do that in my new bathroom! Great job on the bathroom, it looks amazing.

  3. This bathroom is crazy amazing Sara! Your idea of the reverse shiplap was perfect. It adds the right texture, but for $5 (who can beat that?!) Everything in here is just beautiful. Love that shower curtain (and your son’s artwork is incredible!). Adds the perfect touch of whimsy. I am so happy you decided to join the challenge.

  4. Wow, Sara. It looks so fresh and updated. Really nice enough for any age but I bet your kids love it. That drawing is fantastic. What talent your little guy has.

  5. Wow it looks amazing! Love the navy cabinets and the different whimsical touches. That octopus shower curtain is perfect and the artist in me is so impressed with your son’s drawing. I’m heading over to check out your wood stain so I can finish my mirror frame!

      1. agree… would love the tutorial as well!!
        Love this bathroom! You are incredibly creative!!!
        Having twin boys that share a one sink tiny bathroom, (that always stinks no matter how clean I get it)I needed this inspiration! Now I am off to search for what I can find in my stash of paints and wood remnants! 🙂 EXCITED!

  6. I absolutely love your wall trim! It adds such a nice detail. The octopus shower curtain rocks too. Awesome job! Now the boys have a gorgeous bathroom.

  7. This is such a great idea for toilet paper! I had seen this in another post I think and commented! I want to create something like this for my bathroom. I had the worst luck with the toilet paper getting ripped of my wall. We have no studs. This would be perfect. Love the batten board too.

  8. Sara, it’s amazing! I’m so impressed by your creative solution for a shiplap wall. The hardware on the cabinets are perfect and you have quite the artist in your family!! What a great makeover!

  9. Your sons artistic ability is fantastic! I am blown away.

    Their bathroom looks wonderful now modern and different and masculine.

    I can not believe you did it for less than $100.

  10. I absolutely love your bathroom makeover! The ladder is a great addition and the octopus shower curtain is my fav. (I think that anytime you can incorporate an octopus into your decor, you are winning. 😉 ) Great job, Sara!

  11. That wood trim is freaking genius!! I love it and am filing it away for later! And your son! Holy cow, I wish I could draw like that and I’ve got 3 decades on him! The push it sign is perfection! Just our sense of humor too!! Great job!

  12. The reverse shiplap is so clever. What a way to save on cost and it looks fabulous. The whole room blows me away and even though I love it all, the fact that you let your little artist contribute is truly the sweetest part. Amazing!!

  13. This is amazing! I love the walls, the artwork and the painted cabinets! Tell me, what material are the cabinets made of? Are they solid wood, laminate, ? I have a guest bathroom I would like to make over but it has white builder grade, laminate cabinets. If I thought they would look half this good I will paint them!

  14. Turned out great! The mirror is what I am wanting to do in my bathroom with the wood frame around it. My question is how did you get the mirror on the wall and have the frame around it. We have those little plastic clips or brackets holding the mirror on and are not sure how to get the wood to lay flat against the mirror because of those clips. What did you do?

  15. You did a good job for your son’s bathroom makeover! Plus, it’s budget friendly too. Thank you for sharing your helpful tips! It turned out great.

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