Edible Summer Tablescape Ideas

We love eating outdoors in the summer.  If we can make it work, we will do it.  Whether we are eating hot dogs from our firepit, a simple cheese plate, or a fancy full course dinner, we love spending time outdoors in our backyard during the summer.  Not only is the weather really great in the summer, but the views are fabulous also.  Since we spend a lot of time outdoors, I try to make things simple, and recently I have discovered a really fun way to entertain outside….an edible summer tablescape.

Hi there!  I am so glad you are here!  Today I am thrilled to be collaborating with some of my favorite bloggers!  We are all sharing a summer table!  Make sure to check them all out at the end of the post!

Something my kids have grown used to is my love for creating something beautiful, even if it may seem like its for no reason.  Sometimes, people may think that creating a pretty tablescape, whether for summer, winter, fall, or spring, is a bit extra work.  Why add that extra work to an otherwise already labor some job?  Well, in my opinion, setting a tablescape sets the tone for the meal. 

But I am no Martha Stewart, and I do like to keep things simple.  I feel like with this edible summer tablescape, I have hit the jackpot.  Something gorgeous and dual purpose!  Why not create a summer tablescape that can keep your guests or families bellies full and happy, while looking beautiful?  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner!

Gorgeous summer tablescape ideas!  Try this edible summer centerpiece out!  Its so fun and so delicious!

Its quite easy really, all you have to do it gather up some yummy finger foods, we prefer fruits, and you are almost there.

The first thing I did to start my edible summer centerpiece was to add a large wooden tray.  This gives the food a clean place to lay.

I cut some grape leaves from our grapevine, which you can see in the background.  I love using greenery in any of my tables, and this time I wanted to use the most summery items I could find.  

Gorgeous summer tablescape ideas!  Try this edible summer centerpiece out!  Its so fun and so delicious!


Then, I added a half of a watermelon, all cut up and put back in the watermelon shell, serving as a bowl.

From here, I added different kinds of grapes, bing cherries, apples, and plums.  I wanted it to be all the things you could eat.  These items are so indicative of summertime.  Whats better than sitting out in the grass, picnic table overflowing with edibles, and you get to sit there and enjoy it all.

The last thing I did was  add a tray of pumpernickel bread rolls to one side, and a tray of cheese and salami to the other.  If you are hosting a fun dinner party, this is a great way to start it off.  Simple edibles that they can snack on before dinner.  Or simply add a few more items to make it a full meal.  This is similar to a Charcuterie board in a way.

Gorgeous summer tablescape ideas!  Try this edible summer centerpiece out!  Its so fun and so delicious!

The key here is to use those items that are readily available in the summer time.  Choose fruits that are in season. Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are a plenty during the summer.  Next month, I will be adding fresh peaches to our edible tablescapes, since we have 4 peach trees loaded down this year.

Enjoy your summer with a gorgeous and delicious edible summer tablescape.  Check out all these great ideas!

Enjoy your summer with a gorgeous and delicious edible summer tablescape.  Check out all these great ideas!

Who wouldn’t want to sit down to an edible centerpiece?  I know my kids think it is the best thing ever.  

The colors of the fruits and grape leaves are so rich, you don’t need anything else!  I added two of my favorite deer antlers to the mix, just to add a bit of texture.

This tablescape literally fed my family!  All I did was add a few different mustards and jams and they went to town.  I was thrilled to finally have something out of my garden to eat, and the snap peas were a welcome addition!

Edible summer table

There are so many different ways you could take an edible centerpiece like this.  You could focus on more veggies, have it be a heavy bread centerpiece, what about a dessert centerpiece?  Make them wait until the end.  That would just kill my kids.

Summer tablescape ideas

We eat simply in the summer.  I laid out our rattan chargers, topped them, with my simple white dishes.  We drink from mason jars, and if you plan to eat outside, putting the silverware right in the jars makes it easier for transporting them as well as it looks cute.


Things are simple out here on the farm.  We try to enjoy the evenings.

I love it when something is dual purpose.  I feel that if its going to be here at my house, it needs to.


This simple edible summer tablescape sure does fit the bill on that.  

Edible summer centerpiece


I still cant get over the gorgeous colors that popped on the summer table.  I love the fact that the money and time I spent on  a summer tablescape went to good use.  It did not just sit there and look pretty.  It was something everyone could truly enjoy.

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