How To Stencil A Concrete Floor!

I have decided. I will tear out the carpet in each and every one of my rooms. This has my husband in quite the panic. Its just a concrete floor. Its okay though, because I want concrete in this room. Today we are going to talk about concrete painting and how easy it can be to transform a floor with the use of stencils and more.

 I digress. I must wait and break him in slowly. He is not a fan. Like at all. It is hard to explain to someone why I initially tore the carpet out in my office. I was having a bad day was the main root of it. I really was having a bad day. Like one of the worst. 

I have come to the realization that there is a very obvious correlation between a bad day and a very project heavy day. When I have had it, and need an out from life, this has become my therapy. I will tell you tearing out carpet all on your lonesome, wanting to prove to your husband that you can do it, really gives you time to work through those crazy days.

 Many people tell me this type of activity would stress them more, but not me. I have to tire my mind and my body. I end up sleeping like a baby. It is a similar feeling to Xanax without the hangover. And yes, I know what I am talking about.

So, back to my original thought. even though mu carpet had been professionally cleaned twice a year for the past 10 years, it was still the most awful thing to see what lingered underneath said carpet. GROSS.  

Hey, we live in our house. If you have been following my office to art studio transformation, it was following a slow progression. That was until this last weekend. I was able to accomplish the biggest beast in the room: stenciling the concrete surface. I kept hoping and praying I could find the exact stencil I wanted to use so that I could avoid having to create my own. But alas, I am difficult and that did not come to fruition. So, with a little encouragement from my sister, I just went for it. Here is my tutorial on how to stencil a concrete floor without losing your mind.

Concrete Floor Supplies

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Here the items I picked up to prep the concrete as well as the paint and sealer I purchased:

Quikrete Concrete Crack Filler

Quikrete concrete patch

Painter’s Select White Pastel Base Interior/Exterior Urethane Fortified Porch and Floor Coating, 1-Quart( the type of paint will make a difference)

Concrete Cure Seal

Pro-Pole Extension Pole, 6-to-12 Foot

One Coater Roller Set, 9-Piece

Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

Particulate Respirator with Valve



While most concrete painting jobs are saved for garage floors and patios, I really love the idea of having concrete floors in my office. Let’s be real, the upkeep is nil. As I update this post, I can tell you 7 years later this floor still looks the exact same.

The very first step to painting concrete floors is to prep the surface. First I started by using a concrete filler to fill in any hairline cracks in the concrete. Once all this was done I let it dry and worked over any spots that were loose with a stiff brush or paint scraper. When we first tore off the carpet, we didn’t realize there was a lot of drywall spackle still on the floor so omy paint scraper and wire brush came in really handy for this.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

Once everything was dry, it was time to sand the floor. This meant I spent a few hours on my hands and knees. I was going to use a floor buffer from our business, but found that we did not have the right amp for the machine. Believe me, a floor sander would have been so much better. But this was a small room, so it wasn’t too hard.

Once the floor was clean, I began to make my stencil. I used a cardboard box to create my stencil. I drew up what I wanted the stencil to look like. I measured the widths and made sure that they were the same on all four sides. I was okay with it not being perfectly exact since it was freehand, but I did want the measurements to be pretty spot on.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

I found my original inspiration from an in image I saw on Pinterest. There was no source, and so I had to create it myself.

Once I had it drawn to my satisfaction, I used my Xacto knife to cut out the pattern. I began by making superficial cuts though out the pattern. I then went through and cut deeper, removing sections as I went. Once I was done with that I was ready to stencil. I used masonry paint in white to paint with.  I picked a spot in the room to place the first stencil.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors


I used a smaller paintbrush and traced the pattern making sure there was no excess paint on the brush. You do not want the paint to puddle up. I painted a full coat onto the pattern and then once it was dry, which was rather quick I added a second coat. I wanted good coverage, but not 100 solid. I liked the idea of having some variation in the color of the paint.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

My goal for this pattern was to give it a slightly imperfect and weathered appearance. I was okay with a little unevenness. Having said that, I did want consistency. I did not line up my stencil rather, I eyeballed and rotated the pattern and just made sure there was a good balance to the pattern.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

Once I had most of the floor done, I focused on the areas closest to the walls. I ended up cutting my stencil in half and then cut those into pieces. I ended up with a puzzle of sorts. That way I could use just the pieces I needed to paint right up against the walls. I was able to create the appearance that the pattern continued under the wall. Continuity my dear friends.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

Once I was done with the stenciling, I let the floor dry for about 2 hours, which was the instructions on the concrete paint can.  The next step might not have been necessary but it was for me. I used a concrete sealer or masonry sealer on the floor to protect the stencil and seal the floor. This brought out the amazing color and texture of the concrete floor. It also created a barrier for water, oils and other paints. That is kind of a requirement in my studio. I painted the sealer on with a paint roller, and ended up applying 3 coats. Again, this would totally be up to you and how much wear and tear you are anticipating. If it is in high-traffic areas, you want to consider that.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

I let the sealer cure overnight before doing anything else. This is a very important step. The concrete sealant is what will protect this new concrete floor for the long run. For best results, do not skip this step.

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

Here is the floor recently in my office, as we have made some changes, and continue to do so! 

How to Stencil Concrete Floors

There are so many things that you can do to interior concrete. Concrete stain is a very popular option and it looks amazing! If you have a garage with concrete floors, you can add epoxy coatings to the floor to protect it! What about a concrete porch? A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference and create a very welcoming feel to your home!

So what are you waiting for? Give that old concrete floor new life!

I am so pleased with the result.  I love my new floor. Surprisingly, this floor is quite warm to walk on. This room has become my office/ art studio and I spend hours in here every week creating and working and this floor has held up amazingly with all the projects I do.


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  1. The stencil is wonderful–Love this! When I had my home built 16 years ago, I chose stained concrete flooring in the main living areas but the builders insisted on carpet in the bedrooms. Over the years, I have ripped up every bit of carpet and stained the remaining rooms. It is a lot of work, especially for one person. Like you though, I love the results!

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  3. It looks wonderful, Sara! Wow, what a transformation. Hopefully your husband is coming around.
    I know what you mean about carpet. After my first “flip” house, I’ve never had carpet again. LOL!
    Thank you for sharing this week at Brag About It link party on VMG206 (Mondays at Midnight). I plan to feature you next week!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  4. I know what you mean about having to break projects to the Husband haha! Like how this turned out, and it seems really easy (although I probably wouldn’t make my own stencil, that seemed like the trickiest part!).

  5. Your floor turned out amazing! Your post will be featured at next weeks party! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Brag About It! Pinned and tweeted

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