Handmade Watercolor Olive Branch Spring Printables!

I love printables…really of any kind.  I love creating printables too!  I do however still favor old fashioned hand made art, and that is why I decided to create some watercolor printables for spring. These olive branch watercolor printables are so cute and are something that would look gorgeous in just about every home.  

Get these FREE hand painted olive branch watercolor spring printables in your home today! They are so classic and will look perfect all throughout the year!

Hi there!  I am so excited to be sharing my olive branch printables with you on a very fun spring printable blog hop!  Are you familiar with a blog hop? Let me tell you about it a bit.  I am a blogger…duh, and I have some amazing blogging friends…another duh! 

Well, we often like to get together and create something in a similar niche or subject.  We often will also create home tours.  We then share these on our blogs, and we link to all the other bloggers that are participating in the blog hop. This is a bonus for all you readers!  We love to share our creative ideas with our audience, but we also love to share our friends as well!  

So, What you will want to do once you check out my olive branch printables is to keep on scrolling and check out all the other bloggers involved in this printable blog hop.

Now, lets get back to my olive branch printables.  I have taken a break from using my watercolors for the past little while, but I really have been wanting to get back into it…so I busted them out the other day and decided to create.

I have really been wanting to change what kind of printables I create and instead of something that may be a bit more trendy, create some artwork for you that could be a little bit more timeless.  And I am trying to keep my spring decor simple and to a minimum….I want to only add stuff that really speaks to me and doesn’t overwhelm me or my home. 

This is my goal this year.  I wouldn’t say I am going all Kon Mari or anything…I just have really wanted to try to edit down my home decor and only include items that truly make me happy.

Hand painted FREE olive branch watercolor printables. These are so pretty and have a bit of a vintage vibe to them!

For these simple olive branch printables, I wanted to keep them as the focus of the artwork, with simple brush strokes allowing the lines and colors to be the focus.  I love the way these look like they have a bit of a vintage quality with  the white peeking through.

I hung these like I have hung the last few sets of printables I have had.  You can see how I used these same wood panels and  how I created them here.

Get these FREE spring printables! Hand painted olive branch watercolor printables that will look perfect in your home!

I decided I wanted to display these in my kitchen.  I love displaying simple artwork to my kitchens open shelving.  

Get a set of these FREE hand painted olive branch watercolor printables for spring!


I think that they look pretty great against my square subway tile and my mason jar spice jars.

Olive branches are one of my favorite items to use in my home decor.  I mainly decorate with them at Christmas time for some reason, so I am excited to add some to my home for spring this year!

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        1. Are you clicking on the link in the printables library? I just checked it and its working fine. It will immediately download to your computer. If you are on the blog post, you have to sign up for the newsletter and you will receive and email with the link and password to the printables library.

  1. I’d love to access the Olive Branch printables but I can’t seem to find the right place to do so. I signed up to receive them but I don’t see a link to the Printable Library from your heading “Printables”. Can you help me? Thanks

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