My Farmhouse Fall Garden Tour

This farmhouse fall garden tour is going to be interesting.  This time of year, its crunch time at my house.  Every fruit and vegetable in our garden is ripe and ready to be picked and preserved.  Finding the time to get it all done is practically impossible.

Our outdoor spaces in the fall are all well lived in, constantly being worked on, and never perfect.  My farmhouse fall garden tour starts now.


Farmhouse fall garden tour….


Over the past few days as I got ready to write this post, I felt kind of uneasy about what I had to show you.  My garden is overgrown, lush, and I can barely make it inside.

We have had so much rain the last few weeks, that my grass decided to grow longer than I can manage.  When your kitty cat can walk through the tall grass and looks like a lion in an African savannah, you know its time to get out the lawn mower.

We are so busy these days picking and preserving our crops, that they have essentially become part of my outdoor decor.  In our home, we get all the kids involved.  Shucking corn is one of their absolute favorite things to do.  I love it when I spot them all outside enjoying each other and taking part int he household chores.





As you can see our corn has taken over the garden….


Our apple trees bounty is amazing this year.  It is heavy with ripe fruit and boy are they good.


It is all perfectly imperfect.

Last night we took a little time out to enjoy our backyard with an outdoor fall dinner in the backyard.




We built a fire to help with the chill in the evening.  I will decorate with pumpkins anywhere I can.




The sunlight in the fall is so different that in the summer.  The shadows are different, the lighting is more interesting.  Its one of the reasons why I love my yard in the fall.


I’ve said before, that my farmhouse outdoor garden is perfectly imperfect.  Its true for everything.  Our fence is a prime example.  Lance(my hubby) and I built this entire fence with out own two hands… and with the help of our tractor to dig the post holes.  I’m not that ambitious.




These trees were just little babies only a few years ago it seems.  Now they are fixtures in my yard.  They provide protection from the wind, shade from the summer heat, and beauty from the vibrant colors they produce in the fall.



Since we had a little outdoor fall dinner last night, my back porch was a little empty of its regular fixture, our farmhouse style picnic table.  However, I was still able to keep it cozy and fall inspired with my farmhouse style wall planter.  A fabric pumpkin in each terra cotta pot was a fun idea from my son.  Well done, son.








The real life of living in our area plays havoc with my plants, the freeze and thaw that seems to be happening all to soon this year guarantees a few half dead plants.  I still have some lovely lavender, though.  I am happy to let it take over my flower beds.


As I wandered around to the front of our home, you will find my favorite spot.  My front porch.  I love to decorate my porch.  I always wanted a porch on my home and it has not disappointed.


My DIY fall flag greets guests as they come to my home.  After our last crazy wind storm, its looking a little rough, but that’s okay, I can always make another one.  They are that easy!



Since we are still growing our pumpkins in the garden and they aren’t quite ready to be picked, I only had a few to add to my porch decor.  Don’t you fret, I will soon have more to add to the space. For now, a few faux pumpkins will do.




Nothing says fall better than Mums.  These flowers are so lovely!  By simply adding a few pots of Mums to your home, you’ve brought instant fall appeal.

What do you think of that fall antler wreath I created?


I love to sit out on our farmhouse style swing.  This was a rusted old piece of junk in its former life.  It was an old metal glider that sat in my husbands grandmas backyard for years.  Everyone just considered it junk.  Well, we proved them wrong.  We took off the rusted glider parts, added a wooded frame and painted it white.  It has become one of my most prized pieces.  Not only because of what it was before, but because now, my husband has something to remember his grandmother by.  Something that will stay with us for years to come.  Maybe one day my grandchildren will be swinging on it.   Well, that’s a long ways away.  I am still enjoying my littles and their snuggles.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my farmhouse fall garden tour.  If one thing prevailed, I hope it is that this is where we LIVE.

This is not a outdoor space to just look at and enjoy the perfectly manicured lawn, void of any weeds.


We embrace the weeds, otherwise they would control my life.  We swing in  the hammocks, we lay in the grass.  We build fires to keep us warm, and we work hard to keep a garden that keeps us all fed.  If you had told me in college that this is what my life would be like, I would have told you , “you’re crazy”.

We enjoy the small moments, the sunsets, and the distant silhouettes of hay fields sprinklers.  We are so blessed to live where we do.  Is it perfect?  No.  But its perfect for us.

Happy fall y’all!


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  1. There are so many elements here that I love that I can’t even list them all! If I could be any place, every day for all of Fall, it would look exactly like your home. Love it!

  2. Your tour is beautiful, Sara. None of our spaces are supposed to be perfect. We live in them and the outdoors is definitely an area that is hard to keep pristine. I love how your front porch looks! Great to be part of the hop. Happy fall!

  3. Sara, your fall garden is absolutely wonderful! What an incredible place to live. I can’t get over how many apples you have, we only have 3 this year :). Love your front porch and I want to know your secret for getting your kids to help shuck corn because my kids never want to! Thanks so much for sharing your fall garden with us!!!

  4. Sara, your garden and porch are gorgeous! I love the perfectly imperfect nature of, well, Nature! Especially this time of the year when things are in transition. My summer plantings are waning, but I don’t have the heart to rip them out yet. I love your outdoor dining setup, and your porch looks like the perfect spot to enjoy the weather and watch the leaves change. Happy Fall!

  5. I may have told you this before, Sara, but your yard is exactly what I’m striving to create for my family. Although we don’t have quite as much land as you do, the idea of growing so much is perfection to me! I planted apple and pear trees this year, and I can’t wait until they look like yours in a couple of years – all ripe with fruit!

  6. Your property is stunning! Such a great view and amazing features to have surrounding your home. I always love your decor and this fall front porch is beautiful!

  7. Everything is so picturesque and stunning! I would love to plop my house down near yours to get those views!!! Gorgeous! Love your front porch and all your fall touches! So cozy!

  8. Your garden is beautiful. I hope to have a large outdoor space like this in our next home. So peaceful and perfect for enjoying fall. Pinned!

  9. Oh Sara, everything about your home and outdoor space is amazing. It’s like picture perfect. Loving that antler wreath you created too!

  10. I enjoyed your fall garden tour. Everything is cozy and inviting. Love the porch and all the details you put into it. Great job on the fence- I appreciate how much labor goes into something like that. It has the look of an old fence which I love! I saw your post featured at Savvy Southern Style.

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