10 Farmhouse Style Homes that will Knock Your Socks Off!

Are you looking for some farmhouse inspiration? I know I am always looking for some. In my search on multiple webpages over the past few years, I have fallen in love with some amazing farmhouse style homes. Today I wanted to give you a little snippet of them. I have 10 inspiring farmhouse properties for your enjoyment Maybe you can gain a little inspiration from them as well.

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10 Inspiring Farmhouse Style Homes

Farmhouse style homes can take on many different aesthetics, whether it be modern, traditional, or craftsman style, they can all be incorporated to create a beautiful space. They hold such a nostalgic appeal. I think they often remind people of their childhood. They remember spending summers with their grandparents or working in the yard on hot summer days. 

For me, I remember working in my grandparents hay fields in the summer, for summer vacations at my grandparents farm. As I look back now, those are some of my best memories as a child, even though I didn’t think they were very fun at the time!

Also I think we remember early settlers and how hard they worked to create something that was their own. They took pride in their homes and land and used what they had. These days many people try to recreate the rustic look that is so popular today. These days farmhouse style homes boast large windows, an open layout, clean lines and sometimes modern touches. The modern farmhouse designs are different from the classic farmhouse style homes that were built for function but have oodles of character and nostalgia. Each one is amazing in its own right and I find that I love them both. So, I wanted to share them both with you.

These 10 inspiring farmhouse properties conjure all those memories up. 

What do you identify with when you think of farmhouse style homes? Is it a wrap around porch? Maybe the white on white siding? How about the endless view of acreage that seems to surround these properties. I think all of these elements and more do it for me. Honestly a 100 year old farmhouse property is my dream home. I have spent years creating something similar in my own home.

I for one find a combination of all the farmhouse style elements to be the perfect storm in terms of them becoming inspiring farmhouse properties. There is a feeling, a complete sense of atmosphere withe these homes.


What are some exterior features that are associated with farmhouse style homes? Lets chat about it for a minute:

Natural Elements: Often times farmhouse style homes make use of natural elements like wood beams, stone and more. There are creative ways to use them. You could use them as window trim,

Neutral Color Palette: Simple neutral colors are often used in farmhouse style home exteriors.

White exteriors: This is a big part of most farmhouse homes. Their exteriors are often painted white.  

Wraparound Porch or front porch: Many farmhouse style homes have wraparound porches or at least a front porch. This adds charm to the front of the home.

Wood Siding: Often old farmhouse homes are built with painted wood siding. Now days there are tons of different products that are more durable that give that old fashioned feel with a modern twist.

Gabled Roofs:  Funny enough a lot of farmhouse homes have a gable roof. I am not really sure why but the style has definitely stuck.

Batten Siding:  Batten siding is where there are siding pieces that go vertical. Originally the intent was to go over the join of two pieces of wood. The style so indicative of the farmhouse style.

Rural Setting: A true old early 1900s farmhouse is often found in rural areas. So many people have fallen in love with this style, you are finding them in big cities as well now! It is a style that just calls to people.

I am really obsessed with the farmhouse style, in fact, I have recently remodeled some of the room sin my home, my most recent being my master bedroom.

I have searched high and low to find some of the most inspiring farmhouse style homes, well, in my opinion. they are the most inspiring to me. Let them be as inspiring to you as they are to me.


I want to share just a couple of my favorite farmhouse style homes and their farmhouse exteriors. Check them out below!

Inspiring Farmhouse Style Homes





Photo by: Rauser Design

I love this quint farmhouse with a wrap around porch. Metal roofs are another popular element in modern farmhouse exteriors.




Gorgeous farmhouse style homes with oodles of charm and tons of style.



Photo By: T Olive Properties 

I love everything about this property. This style of home is right up my alley. It hearkens to that farmhouse look

while also having a beautiful modern look. 







 Could it get better than this spot right here? Acreage, a wrap around porch and some old fashioned touches make this somewhere I just need to be.





 The effortless look oof the garden along with this home is everything. The large windows and barn doors scream farmhouse.







 This is obviously a more modern farmhouse exterior, but it is beautiful! The white siding with the black windows is striking.


Gorgeous farmhouse exteriors, full of character and style.





 The front porch on this home is a statement. Those doors have so much character and it looks like a quaint space to enjoy and relax.


Gorgeous farmhouse style homes with oodles of charm and tons of style.




 A traditional farmhouse with outbuildings. This home has it all.


Gorgeous farmhouse style homes with oodles of charm and tons of style.





 Another gorgeous farmhouse exterior with tons of character. The grounds surrounding the home are magnificent.


Gorgeous farmhouse style homes with oodles of charm and tons of style.





 Another modern farmhouse exterior, it iis simply gorgeous.





 I cannot get enough of this home as well. The lines, the balance of the home and the large windows are so perfect for this home.




Can’t you just imagine sitting on one of those porches, enjoying the views? There are so many amazing features in these farmhouse homes. I hope you have found inspiration in these stunning farmhouse properties. If you would like to see some of my homes farmhouse tour, you can check them out here.

You will drool over these 10 inspiring farmhouse style homes! Click here to see them all!

Thanks for stopping by and remember….

be inspired


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