25 Large Natural Fiber Rugs Under $250

Are you obsessed with natural fiber rugs such as jute or sisal like I am? Or maybe you have always wanted to try one in your home, especially since they are super popular for both their style and comfort. Natural fiber rugs are a great place for high-traffic areas, and are a great option for large spaces. I have rounded up 25 super amazing deals on large natural fiber rugs in hopes that it would make your life a little easier!

25 large natural fiber rugs like Jute and Sisal for under $250 dollars!

Let me be straight. There are so many things I love about natural fiber rugs such as jute or sisal. I love the colors, the textures, and the organic feel they can add to a room. They can blend with practically every decor style. 

They particularly popular these days in the farmhouse style, but they are not locked to just that style.  I have had one in my family room for a few years, and until a very unfortunate accident with my sisters dog….and potty problems, it was wonderful. But, sadly after that, I had to retire my most favorite jute rug.  

Lets talk about the different kinds of natural fiber rugs there are available:

There are many different kinds of natural fiber rugs but the most popular are jute, sisal fibers, seagrass rugs, hemp rugs, as well as wool rugs. We have had a couple of jute rugs in our home and I have found them to be soft under bare feet and very durable. These rugs often run in a neutral shade or a couple different neutral shades. The texture and design of these rugs can add visual interest to formal living rooms, dining rooms or even bedrooms.

I love using smaller jute rugs in my entryway and my kitchen because of the softer materials. This makes them pleasant to stand on when doing dishes.


What is a natural fiber rug?

Natural fiber rugs are woven from natural plant fiber. They’re often durable, affordable, and neutral. 3 of the most popular natural fiber rugs are jute, seagrass, and sisal. The neutral colors of these rugs lend themselves to working in so many homes. Whether you want a large rug or a small rug, you can find what you are looking for. Being an affordable option for a floor covering they have become very popular over the past couple of years.


Which natural fiber rugs are the most durable?

Overall, I think that sisal rugs are more durable than other natural fiber area rugs because of their harder weave. They are great for living areas. I have found that Jute fibers are very soft underfoot which make for a more pleasant area rug, but Sisal rugs tend to be a bit more rough. So keep that in mind when you look decide which rug you want for your home. The budget-friendly jute rugs will be less durable than the sisal rug, but they are softer under foot.

Either way, you are choosing tough natural fibers and they are a very durable option for your home.

Do these natural rugs shed?

As I lived with this rug for a while, I found one thing that I wanted to make sure I let you know about. These rugs tend to shed.

Now, its not like a dog that sheds hair everywhere. Rather, this kind if shedding showed up under the rug. I can only assume it is from the constant wear on it. After a while, if you look under the rug, you will find a bit of dirt, ground down fibers.  A quick vacuum will fix this.

Even with that small issue with natural-fiber rugs, I am still absolutely in love with them. They are a great choice for your home. The natural texture of these rugs along with their designs can create a real show stopper in your home. If you choose one of the softer less durable options such as jute, I would consider using this in low-traffic spaces as well as medium-traffic areas.

Are these natural fiber floor coverings easy to clean?

If you’re wondering if natural fiber rugs are easy to clean, the answer is yes! Because most of them have a natural lanolin coating, they are good at resisting stains. But, if you do get one here are a couple of tips.

First you will want to shake it out really well. For a larger rug, hang it on a clothesline or a fence. You can also give it a good vacuuming. You will want to spot clean these rugs. I would recommend using warm water and a cloth to spot clean. If you have a stain or crusted on food, try to remove as much of it as possible using a spoon or butter knife. You can then use a soft bristle brush to remove the rest. I have found that I have been able to get most stains out this way.

You can use club soda on acidic stains like wine or tomato sauce.

Make sure to let your rug dry completely. Natural rugs tend to absorb a lot of water. Make sure that they are completely dry so that you prevent mold from developing.

Finding large natural fiber rugs for less:

I love to change up my rugs more often than some people and for that reason I do not like to invest an unreal amount of money in my rugs. That is why I scoured some of my favorite websites to find you some amazing natural fiber rug deals!

One of my favorite places to find great deals on natural fiber rugs is at Amazon.  I love the diversity of options and range of styles that you can get on Amazon and they have great shipping options.

I also have found some great natural fiber rugs on Overstock.com and RugsUSA.com.

Rugs USA has so many great deals and often run 75 percent off deals!

When adding a rug to my dining room or family room, I have had a difficult time finding the large rugs, at least a 6 by 9 or 9 by 11 at a great price. So within this collection below they almost all large scale area rugs, with some smaller budget-friendly jute rug and sisal runners.

So, make sure you check them out! 

Check out 25 large natural fiber rugs that are under $250 dollars!


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25 large natural fiber rugs like Jute and Sisal for under $250 dollars!


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